Analyst: RadioShack to emulate Apple Stores


Forbes reports that RadioShack, in an inspired attempt to evolve from their current retail model (e.g. shoe mall purveyors of third world turdtronics), will "replicate the look and feel" of Apple's retail stores.

The news sent RadioShack shares soaring by nine cents when just the whiff of this rumor breezily squirted out of a Deutsche Bank analyst's word sphincter earlier today. One can well imagine investors' riotous optimism. RadioShack's arsenal of top-of-the-line HAM radios, bolt detectors and answering machines combined with Apple's chic design aesthetic? It's full of stars.

Thumbs up, RadioShack! My only reservation: will I still be asked for my address and phone number by your bed head armada of hipster gadgetistas before they deign to sell me a pack of batteries? You don't want to dilute the proud brand of RadioShack too much. Some traditions should be sacrosanct.

Analyst: RadioShack may test concept; shares up [Forbes]

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