Creative inexplicably names their new sports MP3 player the Zen Krystal


Buried deep and secretly over at their Hong Kong site, Creative's latest MP3 player, the Zen Krystal, has been unearthed. The branding sends conflicting messages: part nouveau riche pretension, part lipstick-smeared trailer park trollope.

The moniker becomes even more confusing, though, when you learn that the Krystal is meant as a DAP for the jogging crowd. It will feature a pedometer, much like the Nike+ iPod line. Nothing says calorie-sloughing, artery-bursting, bowel-evacuating physical exertion like "Zen Krystal," does it?

Anyway, naming aside, it looks fine. Or, if not fine, typically okay. Tiny, a 0.7" OLED screen, an FM radio and some built-in games you'll never actually play (including the frenetic craps-shooting sim, "Dice Roll"). There's no release date yet, but the price when translated from Hong Kong Dollars to American Cowboyos is around $87.

Creative Zen Krystal [Official Site - Hong Kong via Gizmodo]

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