Nvidia/ATI email read in court all but confirms price fixing

More sleazy dirt coming out of the court today where plaintiffs are pressing an anti-trust action against ATI and Nvidia. Yesterday, the presiding Judge, William Alsup, dismissed the defendants' request that a particular email between two corporate executives be sealed as a "trade secret" with disgust.

Today, it looks like that email's been presented. It's deliciously incriminating. It comes from 2002 and was written by Nvidia senior vice president of marketing, Dan Vivoli, to ATI's president and COO, Dave Orton.

I really think we should work harder together on the marketing front. As you and I have talked about, even though we are competitors, we have the common goal of making our category a well positioned, respected playing field. $5 and $8 stocks are a result of no respect.

Judge Alsup: "That's not good for the defense. A jury would like to see this." Indeed they will.

Damning email revealed in class action suit against Nvidia and AMD [Crunchgear]

Previously: Judge hammers ATI and Nvidia: "This court is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of your companies."

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