Ubisoft distributes cracking group's no-CD patch as official


"Neilthecellist", a user on game publisher Ubisoft's official message boards, took a peek inside the official no-CD patch that had been released for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and discovered that it had been released before — as an crack from piracy distribution group Reloaded.

A swamp of irony: that the game's DRM caused so many problems for customers that a no-CD patch had to be released in the first place; that Ubisoft had no problem redistributing someone else's code as their own; that Ubisoft had plenty of time to implement a DRM system before the game went on sale but no programming resources to create their own to fix the problems they created for legitimate customers.

In all, though, I think it's a fairly sly way to acknowledge the tacit symbiosis between publishers and cracking groups. Publishers release crippled games; cracking groups fix them. (And then let people download them for free, unfortunately.) I'm doubt that pointing out this relationship was Ubisoft's intention.

R6Vegas2_Fix.zip is the same as the ReLoaded no-dvd crack [Forums.UBI.com]

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