Apple stock falls despite record quarter and promise of new products

Despite having a record quarter, Apple's stock price took a 10-point hit on earning statings. Why? Because Apple's future projections are characteristically understated and Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer wouldn't answer questions about Steve Jobs' health.

From Wired: Epicenter:

When inquired about Jobs' health during the conference call, Peter Oppenheimer, Apple's senior vice president and chief financial officer, declined to disclose details.

"He has no plan to leave Apple," Oppenheimer said. "Steve's health is a private matter."

Andy Hargreaves, consumer electronics analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, said the lack of transparency regarding Jobs' health only adds to investors' uncertainty in the company's future.

"Not addressing Steve Jobs' health perpetuates the fear that it's a real problem," Hargreaves said.

The sunny topic continues: "I'm thinking in three months, assuming Steve Jobs doesn't die, people that take advantage of that opportunity [of investing in Apple's stock] will be pretty happy," Hargreaves said.

But there's good news! Apple also promised new gear before the year's end. This is probably new high-end MacBooks, but could point to something saucy like a new AppleTV or the fabled mini tablet.

Apple's Earnings Are Healthy -- But What About Jobs? [Epicenter]

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