Sony-Ericsson goes ultra-thin with new walkman phones

Sony Ericsson says its celebrating the Walkman phone's third birthday with three new GSM handsets. Upstage owners getting tired of their aging, UI-challenged handsets are gonna love these.


The W902 is a sharp-looking candybar, thinner than a pinky. It has a 5-megapixel camera, a free 8GB memory stick for your songs and stuff and a 240x320 pixel 2.2" display. It comes in black, red and green. Fat capabilities in an ultra-thin case pitch this as a model for smartphone-hating minimalists who still want nice toys.


Specwise, the W595 is a step down from the W902, with only a 2GB memory card and a 3.2MP camera, but some trim gives it distinction. It has dual stereo jacks for friends to listen together, and "shake control," which lets you move from song to song by flicking it just so. Sony Ericsson's ad only had girls in it, so take this as the Mazda Miata of the new lineup.


The W302 is touted as an affordable unit that "doesn't compromise." It has a 2MP camera and a 512MB memory stick included. Though the same size as the W902, it's only 78 grams, and the crisp design speaks for itself. Unlike the other models, it doesn't have HSDPA, or even EDGE – but it does have an FM radio!

Coming soon, Sony Ericsson says, is the W980.

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