Acrylic Cowboy cases put your PC's insides outside


These "Acrylic Cowboy" cases spill the guts of your PC to the world, making it easy to get at your computer's parts and watch it explode when you splash some soda onto it. They're about $100 apiece in Japan, but there's no North American importer at the moment.

I actually love them. I'd need to keep a can of compressed air at the ready at all times, but there's something very hot rod about the whole thing. "Cowboy" is totally right on — these machines ride bareback.

And considering my gaming PC just died a mysterious death last night, portending many angry evenings of troubleshooting, it's not hard to get wistful about how easy it'd be to swap cards in and out if I were running in one of these cases.

Product Page (Machine Translated) [ via Technabob]

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8 Responses to Acrylic Cowboy cases put your PC's insides outside

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dust and cooling would definitely be an issue for these things. And if you’re like me, constantly sticking your fingers in the CPU fan, playing with the capacitors until they fall off or give you a shock when you discharge them, playing with your SATA cable whilst writing a term paper then unplugging the hard drive by accident and crashing the system….

    …yeah, not a good idea for me at all.

  2. ben says:

    Very cool, if there weren’t kids in the house I would totally be into these. A friend pointed out that you’d have to watch out for stray magnets, roaming the house in search of hard drives to ruin.

  3. Rax50 says:

    Man, I’ve been building these for years. I love them. Although acrylic has gotten pricey. Now-a-days I build in quarter inch MDF to save money, but it’s all good anyway.

  4. Bottlekid says:

    These would be useful for a tech bench setup.

  5. bookmunkie says:

    The first translated product description is strangely cool: “it spends also the money and the [zu] leprosy… with the cardboard fears…
    In such a you, it is easy the barrack case!”

  6. cardinale says:

    These crazy case mods always look so good because THERE ARE NO CABLES! Alright, they have a few in each picture, but not enough for the machine to turn on.

    And what about airflow? Any rig that you would want to mess with enough would be extreme and it would get hot and there is no “case” to pull air through and exhaust hot air.

  7. jimkirk says:

    Yeah, air flow and electromagnetic interference. Cases are generally an integral part of keeping EMI under control. Operating out of the case is fine for the occasional hardware debug, but not general use.

  8. chef says:

    Working at a tech company, my computer case was a piece of cardboard and some foam upon which the motherboard would go, and turned on by short-circuiting the power pins with a coin to turn it on. Yeehaw!

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