Battery life on ultramobile computers still hopeless


UMPCPortal is annoyed at the power-related shortcomings of an otherwise saucy handheld computer, Kohjinsha's SC3. As a result, ultramobile supremo Chippy has a poll up asking his readers the following question:

"What's the minimum battery life you consider to be suitable for an Ultra Mobile device in 2008?"

The options are for 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours.

Only 5 hours?

This year was supposed to be the breakthrough in this regard for pocketable computers, and it isn't happening. It's not even close to happening. The SC3 is cutting-edge stuff, and it can't stay awake more than a couple of hours. There's the hardware required to run Vista – or any other desktop-class operating system – and then there are the laws of thermodynamics. Together, they make for unhappy UMPC fans.

If you're wondering, 5 hours is the runaway winner on the poll. Makers: cut the fancy operating systems, cut the performance, and stop trying to make desktop replacements that have to run on 20 watt-hour batteries. Such machines serve no real constituency and solve no real problems: the iPhone, of all things, is the only thing near this segment that gets it right.

OK, so the Everun is pretty neat. And the OQO, too. Sony's Vaio UXes are also lovely. But you know what I mean.

Kohjinsha SC3 UMPC. First impressions. [UMPC portal]

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