EdgeStar fan includes swamp cooler, drop-in ice packs


I've left behind air conditioning in my old apartment for only a fan in the new place. (I can handle it, even through these icky heat waves that just broke in New York, but I feel bad for Porter, who has been getting lots of play time with the water hose.) I'm not much of a fan of A/C in the first place. I like being cool, but I hate going in and out of two different temperatures all the time, not to mention paying extra for cooling.

This little fan from EdgeStar caught my eye this morning while I was rounding up the deals. It's just a simple stand fan with an air filter, but at additional filter can be wetted with water to add evaporative cooling (and more air cleaning). And then if you want to go whole hog you can drop in ice packs that you freeze in your home freezer. It's $116 shipped right now from Compact Appliance (dot com) and I'm thinking about getting it. I could use an air cleaner, not to mention something to ward off these last days of summer.

Have any of you used this model or something similar?

Catalog Page [CompactAppliance.com]

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