Here is your prize: 365 days of free games


Madness. It's afflicted the staff of PC Gamer UK, who've assembled a stonking big "365 days of free games" hogpoddle* — one game for every day, all free, most indie, several quite sparkly. We wallow in an luxurious age of garage band game development distributed to the world in an instant. I've said for the last couple of years that someday I intend to take off a full year of my life, sequester myself in a small cabin, and play every game I've ever missed before. Seeing lists like this should make that feel daunting, but for some reason all it does is make me thrilled to anticipate my Year of Leisure.

365 days of free games [ via Rock and Paper and/or Shotgun]

* Whenever I link UK sites I like to pretend I know how to use their colloquialisms.

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  1. For some reason I don’t generally like making my way through single player campaigns, and I’ve never been a fan of RPG or RTS games – I’m a die-hard online FPS dude.

    But I also enjoy casual games of the sort listed here – innovative, either in flash or a small download.

    I recognise the game on the bottom left as being particularly difficult, but I also distinctly remember it having some *adult* content, though I could have been mixing it up with other games that were also posted on a certain “bbs” at the time.

    The most recent 6 or 7 entries on the site are all made by another Japanese guy and have great graphics and innovative gameplaying elements. I’d recommend Torus Trooper, simply because you can’t argue with a game where you travel at 6000km/h.

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