Machined aluminum LEGO-like brick keychains


Bram Lambrecht is machining these aluminum keychains in the shape of LEGO bricks. They even clip on to official bricks. He sent me one engraved with the Boing Boing logo and it's quite luverly. (I'd show you but for some reason my DSLR isn't talking to my Mac right now.)

The basic brick costs $12; engraved text is $6 more.

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  1. > my DSLR isn’t talking to my Mac right now.

    Take comfort in the sure knowledge that it must be the DSLR’s fault. As we all know, Macs always just work and never have any of the quirky, frustrating bugs that plague Windows machines…

  2. Ya, Justin Long promised that Mac talks with all your devices, no prob. And he was in Galaxy Quest.

    Oh yeah, lego keychains:
    Hmm. $12 for a basic brick… There’s a hack coming on. Where’s my old legos…

  3. Hack, sure! Just… coat your legos in aluminum?

    This is just the ticket for my brother-in-law at Christmas. The guy gets visibly annoyed if you so much as even touch unassembled legos while he’s building a castle/spaceship/whatever.

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