What the world looks like to a tiny flying ornithopter drone

We've seen tiny little ornithopters before, including this DelFly model from the University of Delft. But what I hadn't seen is a video stream from the little UAV like the one that's inserted picture-in-picture into the above video. It's not the clearest nor steadiest feed I've ever seen, but send out a swarm and stitch them together with a central server and you'd probably be able to canvas an area pretty quickly.

[via New Scientist]

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  1. I am curious to know what has changed technologically in the past few years to allow development of such tiny flying gadgets. Has understanding of ‘laws’ of flight changed? Or has it been mainly better batteries and motors? Or materials?

  2. Angle the camera down a few degrees would be my cheap solution suggestion. There seems to be a lot of ceiling and strip lights in the P-in-P video.

    When can I get one of these for a Christmas present?

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