iPhone 3G to go (PRODUCT) RED


I like my floozies Frank-Miller style: red lipstick, red heels, sheer, skin-tight red dress. I get turned on during the finale of Brian De Palma's Carrie. I am a sucker for gadgets in the Pantone spectrum Beschizza so luridly refers to as "whore red." And I'm a sucker for the (PRODUCT) RED series of Apple products, with part of the proceeds going to fight AIDS in Africa. Sure, there's something a bit morbid about buying an iPod in the precise shade of healthful hemoglobin coveted by some unlucky, HIV-positive Zimbabwean, but it satisfies both my gadget lust, a sliver of my conscience and the monotonous obsession that drove me to paint my kitchen the same color as an end-of-day abattoir... an interior design choice with the unfortunate side effect of making me commonly mistake the bottle of V8 in the fridge for milk and slashing it all over my morning Count Chocula, which isn't really a good gastronomic combination no matter how much you might love each individually... and hey, wasn't that a hell of a sentence: welcome to the end of it.

But I digress. Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing a (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 3G model around Christmas time. I will try to buy it, if I can hold out that long. That is all.

iPhone 3G going RED for the holiday season? [Mac Blogz]

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  1. Wow, that was like a reference fruit salad.

    This article, juice, and toast would be the healthy start of a great day!

    Good stuff, John.

  2. I have to admit that I like the color combination. I don’t usually like the way (PRODUCT) stuff looks.

    That said, I’m still not buying one.

  3. The sad truth is that millions more have been spent on advertising of (PRODUCT) RED than have been raised to fight AIDS. If they just donated the marketing money instead, and didn’t even sell these things, Africa would be much better off.

  4. That’s a really stupid comment. (PRODUCT) RED Apple products are really barely marketed… they are just another color to pick from in store, which just happens to take a chunk out of Apple’s products and go to AIDS research. You may hear about them on gadget sites, but they don’t usually have their own campaigns… and when they do, the marketing budget comes out of Apple’s PROFIT, not the money raised for AIDS research. So, in other words, when Apple does an ad campaign for PRODUCT RED projects, they are paying money out of their own pockets to raise awareness for AIDS research and drum up contributions.

  5. That sentence itself was the blogger equivalent of a naughty red underthing, though sexy, worn by some faceless gadget blogger is both titalizing and slightly unnerving: in short, it made me feel feelings.

  6. Floozies in Red.


    Technology in Black (Silver if you must, BUT real metal silver, NOT silver plastic)

    The only technology available in Red should be Water fire extinguishers. CO2 should be Black, Dry powder Blue and Foam White/Cream.

    PC boxes can be beige, but what do you think stickers are for? To cover up the beige bland humming box.

  7. Whats going on round these parts? Someone been giving the BBG staff some kind of word skill suppositories? It didnt used to be this good, but now all of a sudden they are all emitting style power.

  8. Re #s 4 and 5:

    Data released by Advertising Age claims retail participants in Product Red including Gap, Motorola and Apple, Inc. have invested $100 million in advertising and raised only $18 million for The Global Fund.

  9. @10 DOWNPRESSOR: You haven’t been paying enough attention!

    I’d start here, but the archives are long and awesome.

  10. #11: That data seems to be lacking the, er, data… besides a wiki reference and references back to AdAge, I can’t actually see where that info comes from.

    Nor does it tell me if there is a continued output of funds to promote Product RED products.

    The fact that most people are aware of the campaign and (on topic) one rarely sees Apple advertising RED products specifically (if ever), I’d say that $100 mil was effective.

    And considering some of the other companies involved and their advertising, it’s be wrong to draw too many judgments from that cost without knowing who contributed what and how that was used in any campaigns.

  11. At self: I take that back, the last fortnight of BBG has been phenomenal.

    It’s like Gizmodo of ye olde internets and Dethroner had hot raging sex, the words being their juicy-messy-lovingly crafted offspring.

  12. @Downpressor #10
    I think Herr Brownlee maybe responsible. I imagine all the BoingBoing staff are now wearing fez.

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