Asus announced "whole-day" batteries for the Eee

According to Digitimes Asus is planning on pushing out an Eee netbook with "whole-day" battery life. The quotes make that sound like a crazy euphemism, but if it's even a third of a day, that could reinvigorate my interest in Eee's oversaturated line of mini-notes. That is one area that the netbook market has failed to deliver: they've got size down, even features, but they just keep on gimping these on the juice. If there's only one netbook on the market with eight hours of battery to it, the other features don't matter: that's the one I'm going to buy.

Also mentioned is internet storage. That's a fantastic idea for this niche. 120GB hard drives in netbooks are stupid.

Asustek to extend battery life and storage capacity [Digitimes]

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