Journey: The MP3 Player


Now this is an MP3 player. A winged scarab, airbrushed flames, preloaded with power ballads and featuring a volume button that only goes up. Fuck yeah.

The ZVUE Premiere Artist Series Journey MP3 Player features a built-in speaker, 1GB of memory, a built-in voice recorder and comes preloaded with Journey's newest album, Revelations, along with 11 classic tunes re-recorded by Steve Perry's ringer replacement, Arnel Pineda.

Yeah, it's a piece of progressive-rock-themed tat, but this actually doesn't look like a bad deal for what you're getting, if you like Journey. Name another $40 Nano-sized DAP that comes with both a built-in speaker and a voice recorder. No fair saying ZVUE's Premier Artist Series Baha Men MP3 Player.

Journey: The MP3 Player Slash Band [Anything But iPod]

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  1. I was just discussing Journey at work today. Put on Escape and I’m right back at the summer of ’82. Honestly, I think this is a pretty bitchen design, and though I’d prefer a larger capacity, much of that will be freed up once I delete all post-Steve Perry Journey.

  2. oh, double double oops.

    Season 1 Episode 7 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The Foriegner Belt.


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