Korg DS-10 synthesizer and sequencer for Nintendo DS first look (Verdict: Looking good!)


BBG reader/sex object Downpressor got his Korg DS-10 cartridge in the mail today, bestowing upon his Nintendo DS the power of synthesized, sequenced bloopage and bleeperts.

He likes it:

This isnt a serious synth, maybe less than the Kaossilator, but its got alot to enjoy. You get six digital simulations of analog synth engines, four devoted to drums, along with a step sequencer to build patterns and chain em into songs. Theres a mixer function with 3 effects, delay, flanger and chorus. Theres a basic mixer for syn1 syn2 and drum sounds 1-4. Swing and BPM are global variables which can not be changed by pattern or within a pattern. There is no sequencing or automation for the mixer but there are pan, mute and solo controls so you could do a real time mix down to your favorite recorder

At first its not obvious how to sequence the "analog" aspects, the syn1/2 kaoss function can control 26 different sound aspects for both the X and Y movements. If you go into the syn1/2 seq page and click the "circle arrow" icon in the upper left a few times, you get to the kaoss x/y pages where you can sequence the sound aspects. The drums and effects are not controllable by the kaoss function though. If you load drum preset into the syn1 and 2 sounds, you can setup the kaoss controls and sequencing for those tracks, build up a few patterns, chain them to a song and feed it into your favorite multi track recorder.

This isnt an all in one production tool, but I think its going to be a nice sketch pad to catch some quick beats, bass lines or melodies that come to mind on the go.

Nuff respect to Korg once again!

Mine's in the mail. Can't wait.

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