Designer dog poo bags


Design house Junge Schactel believes that even dog eggs should travel in style.

These 16 dog poo bags are the most hygienic and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your doggie's leftovers. Colorful and humorous bags - one size, usable for all poo sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane. The idea way to carry the precious substance to a nearby bin. 100% biodegradable! [Jungeschactel via Notcot]

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  1. I am beginning to believe that dog shit is one of the most honest, healthiest and purest substances which exists on this planet.

  2. I love how the Pug-shaped one says “Don’t Blame Me!”

    That’s pretty much what my Pug tells me with her body language after every dump.

  3. That “flip it over and use the handles” mechanism looks awkward, messy and unusable. Plain biodegradable bags with tie handles work better, are cheaper, and you can get them in nice colours should you so desire.

    And what a surprise, a “design house” with a Flash-ridden un-deep-linkable and browser-stretching website. Boo.

  4. The whole sliding scooper mechanism looks bad, I think it would end up picking up more grass than poo, or nothing at all. I buy biodegradable poop bags and just do the traditional baggy hand pickup method, works fine. My dog is impatient enough to get moving, I can’t imagine how she would wait for me to use this contraption.

  5. Sorry, but bio-degradable/bio-deshmadable. How about making shopping and garbage bags bio-degradable to begin with and avoid the cutesy.

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