Pizza cutting scissors profane in the eyes of the Pizza God


Pizza purists will loudly revile the Pizza Pro, a strange merging of a spatula and a pair of scissors, which promises to allow you to cut a perfect slice and serve it with a single hand. It's standard Sky Mall tat — the sort of gizmo that is supposed to get house wives to wonder how they ever lived without a Pizza Pro as they wait on the tarmac — and I find myself torn. On one hand, there's something satisfying when I think about using scissors to cut a gooey mozarella pie. On the other hand, surely this pisses in the eye of the pizza cutting ritual, which demands a rotating cutter. And who eats pizza slices that daintily sized anyway? A slice of pizza should be the size of your head, like an immense wing torn off in spurts of grease from the crusty, bubbling flesh of the one true Pizza God.

Pizza Pro [Sky Mall via Random Good Stuff]

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