Rumor: Cave Story coming to Wii (Update: No)


Cave Story is one of gaming's fondest secrets, a freeware indie game that perfected and polished off an entire genre. But download links are vanishing fast, it seems, and the why of that is an intriguing question. The latest rumor, from Amigaworld: it's about to hit WiiWare!

Cave Story will get a commercial release as a WiiWare game on the Nintendo Wii. ... Pixel asked to remove all ports of Cave Story to other platforms. And thus, Cave Story has been deleted from OS4Depot, and should get deleted from Aminet as well. So if you want to support Pixel, buy the game for your Wii.

Pixel is the author of the game, which he developed over several years to universal acclaim. The downer: this probably dashes my hopes of an Amstrad CPC port.

Update: Commenter Pelrun spots a retraction:

... Amigaworld - they've published a complete retraction.No ports are being withdrawn, besides the Amiga one which has a show-stopper bug which they haven't been able to resolve.


AmigaOne News : Cave Story finally gets a commercial release. [Amigaworld via Indie Gaming]

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  1. Odd. Flow never requested that you delete it from all your devices when it became available for purchase on the PSP.

  2. I think there’s a background here of unauthorized ports, and people trying to make money off of them … so Pixel (or, if the rumor is true, Nintendo) might be more forward in clearing the decks than some.

  3. There’s never been an unauthorized port of Pixel’s work. The source code isn’t freely available: he gives it out only if you ask. If this is true, it’s pretty shitty. Cave Story has been freely available for years.

  4. Neither, apparently, did Amigaworld – they’ve published a complete retraction.

    No ports are being withdrawn, besides the Amiga one which has a show-stopper bug which they haven’t been able to resolve.

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