Nintendo sues DS flash cart makers


Attention, homebrewers and pirates! Nintendo's got your number – or at least that of your suppliers.

Claiming "tremendous" losses, it's suing five companies that make flash-based DS cartridges that facilitate such activities, singling out the R4 Revolution as the flagship in the fleet that it's targeting.

The action was filed July 29 in Tokyo District Court, citing the Japanese Unfair Competition Prevention Act. It seeks to stop export and import of the devices, which allow users to store their own programs – and copies of commercial titles – on flash memory.

In a press release, Nintendo says that it's pursued legal action in 11 countries now, resulting in close to 30,000 "infringing game copying products" being seized. Angry Mario is angry.

Press Release(PDF) [Nintendo via Game|Life]

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3 Responses to Nintendo sues DS flash cart makers

  1. frankiez says:

    Link this flash card news to thie:

    I feel it will not be easy for Nintendo to prove that flash cards made the Kyoto giant loose money…

  2. Thaddeus Smith says:

    good thing i got my carts when i did. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    That sux, games are so expensive that only rich folks can buy them!, that why we Pirate!!!, me want more dvd’s, games, music!!!, who cares! these people are filthy rich! we are NOT!

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