The Mojave Experiment

By now you've all heard of the latest push in Microsoft's dead-serious Vista "re-education" campaign. Basically, they took 22 people who had never used Vista and showed them a prototype of the next Windows version, codenamed Mojave... which was really just Vista in disguise.

Here's the smugly congratulatory video. I'm not impressed: showing 22 imbeciles who have managed to avoid even seeing one of the most pervasive and highly publicized operating systems in the world "changing their minds" after a few minutes with Mojave is rotely predictable and means nothing.

I mean, that's the whole point, isn't it? Vista impresses immediately with a few good new features and some excellent Aero bling, but it consistently grates and irritates over time.

Vista's not a terrible OS. It's pretty okay in a lot of ways. But I find something just bile-churning about Microsoft launching a multi-million dollar campaign to downplay Vista's issues and paint the detractors as unreasonable imbeciles and luddites.

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