Alton Brown profiled by Chemical & Engineering News


Chemical & Engineering News profiles one of my heros, Mr. Alton Brown, star of Good Eats and my future best friend. Turns out Mr. Brown isn't just a motorcycle enthusiast, but also a scuba diver. (And, of course, a great cook and charming television presenter.) He's a gadget lover, too, and has consulted with General Electric:

Aside from branching out to speak to various scientific communities, Brown’s also been hired by industry as a consultant. His first foray was with General Electric, which asked him to teach their engineers how food cooks because GE thought it would help workers build better appliances. “The industry guys began to realize that if they did understand what goes on inside a cookie when it bakes, maybe it would make a difference in how appliances are designed,” he says. Brown’s advice contributed to GE’s line of Trivection ovens that combine thermal, convection, and microwave energies to cook food faster. He also appears in short videos on the GE appliance website (

An Appetite For Science [ via Serious Eats]

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