Asus Eee Box reviewed. Verdict: $300 wonder, but no HD video or gaming


Gadget Lab's Bryan Gardiner reviews Asus's Eee Box, a tiny desktop PC that arrives barely days after Dell's well-received Studio Hybrid. He reports that it's small, cheap and adorable–and powerful enough to the handle the basics.

At $300, it's far cheaper than any other mini desktop going, but offers most of the desirable features seen in more expensive models. It even has 802.11n and Bluetooth, which are optional upgrades on the $500 Dell. The downside is that it's useless for video streaming, has only 2GB of storage, and lacks an optical drive and HDMI output.

If it were 2006, this would be an incredible machine; even now, I'm not sure it isn't. At this point, however, tiny price and tiny size are not quite enough for me: it should have mass storage options and enough grunt to ouput a modern media collection.

The Dell offers just that, in its puniest configuration, but the temptation there is to throw in Blu-Ray and the WiFi upgrads, and suddently it's $1,000. Ah, the agony of choice! Time for a new Mac Mini, Apple.

Asus's Mini Invasion Continues with the Pint-Sized Eee Box [Wired: Gadget Lab]

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