Lenovo enters the netbook market with the gorgeous IdeaPad S10


Earlier today, Lenovo officially announced that they were flinging their own slim ultra-portable into the netbook fray, and even in an over-saturated market filled with cookie-cutter products, the sleek Ideapad S10 is looking like the netbook to wait for.

Powered by Intel Atom N270 and 945 GSE chipsets running at 1.6GHz, the S10 packs a 10-inch screen, and the press release labors advanced heat-dissipation technology which will prevent irradiated scrotums. The specs list all the usual suspects in netbook tech: an integrated 1.3M camera, 2 stereo speakers, a 4-in-1 card reader, hard drives up to 160GBs and the usual tiered battery options: 3-cells and 6-cells. More interesting is the multi-touch capable pad and an Express Card slot for WWAN.

Color options involve black-and-white and whore-red. It's a lovely little netbook, no doubt, but it's almost a disappointment that Lenovo is following the standard netbook design motif and eschewing the traditional Thinkpad design. A clitoral nub would not go amiss, gents.

Prices are very good. The S10 will cost $399 for 512MB of RAM and an 80GB HDD or $450 for a 1GB, 160GB HDD model. The battery life (and whether or not the 6-cell battery will come stock) are the real hovering question marks here.

This looks like it'll be a winner when it comes out in October. Of course, that's the problem with netbooks: if you wait a month for a much-lusted-for mini-note to come out, something better will already have been announced.

Image: Gizmodo

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  1. You’re forgetting to include two critically important aspects of any subnotebook, once again:


    % size of standard keyboard

    Come on…

  2. I think Lenovo is trying to make some distinctions between the Ideapad and the Thinkpad products. The Thinkpad will always have the trackpoint. (I hope). And the Ideapad will have the touchpad.

    Anyways, the Ideapad S10 looks like a winner. I was set on getting the Acer Aspire One. But the Express card slot on the Ideapad makes it the better choice for me. Plus, I’m hoping the Ideapad is easier to upgrade/hack than the Aspire. October is so far away!

  3. The display could be 10 inches or 100 inches.
    If it’s only 1024×600 it’s garbage.
    1280×768 or nothing.
    If someone besides HP would just make the display a slightly higher resolution it would be a winner.

  4. Did I read that right? You used “Lenovo” and “gorgeous” in the same sentence? I believe the end of the world must be near…

  5. irradiated scrotums
    clitoral nub

    John, I say this, not as a friend, but as a reasonably-friendly commenter: please get some.

  6. I’ve never heard the trackpoint referred to as ‘clitoral’ before, but I do remember being in a Compaq training session many years ago when one poor bloke was struggling to find a way to refer to one politely with women in attendance (I’m guessing that it was the first time female engineers had been in attendance at his laptop repair seminar).

    As he squirmed, one of the women piped up ‘What’s the matter? Can’t you say it with a woman present?’, before someone at the back of the room, less concerned by social graces, piped up at the top of his voice and with obvious relish ‘Not at all! NIPPLES!”

    It turns out that it doesn’t take much to amuse a room full of laptop repairers.

  7. if you wait a month for a much-lusted-for mini-note to come out, something better will already have been announced.
    My exact problem! Soooooo many choices.

  8. “1280×768 or nothing”

    Ouch, on a 10″ screen? I mean, I agree 1280 is a minimum daily use resolution, but I’d have a hard time using a 10″ screen at 1280×768.

  9. Alright, I now have my s10 in my grubby mitts. How do I make it a Hackintosh to see if my kids like it? I’ve already got my Mac Leopard license and disks and my portable USB drive?

    (This is my first ‘registered’ comment here, but I’ve been around for a while commenting anonymously, so feel free to blast me if you don’t think I should be asking here.)

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