Periodic rings, elemental bling

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These periodic table rings are certainly expensive: a silver ring is $280, where as gold is $2,350 and platinum rings $6,6600. That means a full set will cost you anywhere between $2,240 and $52,800. That is a bit much for science geek bling.

That said, I think that if the signet's designs were divorced from the ring's elemental composition and if the entire periodic table was opened up, some fun could be had. I imagine fingers bedecked with periodic bling, enantiomorphically spelling out my most cherished atomic configurations in throbbing purple brandings on a bar fight opponent's jaw ridge. 116 16 1 113 / 73 9 114 115. Uuh S H Uut / Ta F Uuq Uup.

Periodic Rings [Official Site via Shiny Shiny]

Update: Commenters have noticed that this is a dupe. I remain defiant. Surely, the twenty minutes I spent figuring out how to write obscenities on eight knuckles using only elemental abbreviations deserves its own post. It's not like I'm going to get some chance to reuse that gag. Instead, I invite everyone to enter the comments and figure out OTHER curses you can spell with eight fingers using the periodic table. It'll be fun!

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