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  1. oooh. A sunbed for my hamster!

    But seriously, for $600 you shouldn’t expect anything. It has “designer” written on it, so it will cost. We all know that.
    Take Artimedes’ Tolomeo Tavolo desk lamp for example. The most ordinary, almost ugly (I find it so) and totally overpriced lamp you could imagine. It’s around $300 for the small one – just because it has his name on it.

    Oh and by the way, this lamp extremely resembles a design by Frank Öhring

  2. this is DEFINITELY off topic…but i have to say that while i used to come to BBG for the gadgets, now i look forward to reading the comedic insanity that is John Brownlee and how his style has influenced the entire site.

    Good move, guys – thanks for making gadgets interesting again.

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