11-in-1 Multi-Game Dining Room Table

Tournament 11-in-1 250.jpg

It is a terrible thing, to have to decide between a dining room table and a foosball table, or a foosball table or a ping pong table, or a ping pong table and a pool table. The 11-in-1 Multi Game Table solves the problem wonderfully: with Matrioshka-like nesting, each table peels back to reveal another surface lying beneath. The table includes pool, bolwing, poker, craps, chess, backgammon (twice!), shuffleboard, ping pong and roulette. There's even a regular surface so it can function as a dining room table.

I'm really liking this. If only it had space for a MAME cabinet and a built-in sarcophagus to act as a spare bed for my girlfriend's horrible, horrible mother, I might actually manage to convince her that the new apartment's spare room can indeed be both a spare bedroom, dining room and game room, all in one. The price isn't bad either: $1,267.

11-in-1 Multi Game Table [Urban Junkie via Born Rich]

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