iHome iH41 iPod / iPhone dock / alarm clock twists for bedtime widescreen


iHome's twisting, topsy-turvy iH41 dock / alarm clock for the iPhone and iPod touch won't make a lick of sense unless you habitually go to bed watching movies on your iPod. Then, it all clicks: simply twist it onto its side when you're horizontally dozing to watch a movie as you tumble off to dreaming. The next morning, your iPhone will be fully charged and serenade you with a suitable wake-up tune: for example, Electric Six's High Voltage. $79.99 with remote.

It should be noted that the website doesn't actually say it is iPhone compatible, only iPod Touch, but it should safely work with the 2G... and, in the worst case scenario, even with the 3G, as long as you don't mind doing some dremeling.

Put a New Spin on Your iPod Touch With iHome’s New iH41 Alarm Clock Radio [Business Week via Slashgear]

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  1. 1- It says the iPod touch and not the iPhone because the speakers will pick up the transceiver in the iphone and cause ‘chatter’. try putting your iphone next to desktop speakers or an alarm clock to hear the hell it makes.

    2- the iHome v1 sounds something like an alarm clock that was beaten to death with a hammer. $80 is overpriced… $8 is overpriced.

    it’s cool to report on new technology, but you might want to actually try/test out the stuff first.

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