Laptop Mag reviews the ECS G10IL netbook (Verdict: sexiest netbook yet)


Forgotten in the PR roar of MSI's Wind (later to be replaced by the flatulent spurt of the Wind's sub-par release), the ECS G10IL was announced in March and has been quietly biding its time, waiting for optimal release. Now, it is set to be released in September, and despite the Scrabulous jumble of random digits standing in for an actual brand name, Joanna Stern over at Laptop Mag is ready to proclaim it the sexiest netbook yet. The keyboard (always an Achilles heel of netbook design) is particularly nice:

The keyboard is nothing but pleasant. It is very similar to the keyboard found on the MSI Wind, however the keys are wider and have a flat shape, reminiscent of recent Macbooks. Our one peeve about the keyboard is the odd placement of the small sized shift key to the right of the up arrow button.

The touchpad is wider than that of the MSI Wind. However, there is the single mouse button, that clicks left or right, below it. The button is also inlaid with blue LED status lights. It’s interesting that ECS didn’t just put the lights on the side of the pad.

Downsides are a surprisingly hefty weight at 3 pounds, with no information about that other sticking point in netbooks: battery life. We'll have to see how the ECS G10IL holds up when it's actually on store shelves along with Dell Es and Lenovo's offerings. No netbook retains its luster after a month or two: a fitting microcosm of the laptop industry as a whole.

Hands-On with the ECS G10IL [Laptop Mag]

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  1. … despite the Scrabulous jumble of random digits standing in for an actual brand name …

    I’m not sure if you meant the brand or product name, but in case of the latter I must remark that being a German I instantly read “Goil” (too much time spent reading 1337 type on IRC I suppose), which is pronounced very much like “Geil”, which means “Awesome” in German.
    So, maybe not so random after all? (for a minority of customers, at least :))

  2. I suppose these laptops are kinda disposable, but ECS doesn’t exactly have a rep for reliable components. I’ve personally seen so many failed ECS / PC Chips mobos that I’ve lost count…

  3. How much? I’m getting tired of the each next sub-note-net-web-sub-book being more expensive than the last. For me, low price is one of the key features. Otherwise, it’s no surprise that it’s sexy and (possibly) well made. If it’s $1000 it should be.

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