Lenovo unveils W700 for mobile creative professionals


Lenovo's newest entry to the ThinkPad line, the W700, is a behemoth: the type of laptop IBM's own mob bosses might tie around a blog informer's ankle before pushing him off a pier. Weighing 8 pounds, the W700's is clearly aimed at mobile creatives: the 17-incher sports the first Intel Quad Core Extreme CPU and NVIIA's Quadro FX 3700 chipset. There's also configureable RAID hard drive bays, up to 8GBs of DD33 RAM, an optional Blu-Ray Burner, an on-board color calibarator and even a built-in Wacom digitizer. And a num pad for playing World of Warcraft, natch.

Far too much laptop for most people, and expect battery life to be appalling, but for creative professionals who need to remain at top-efficiency no matter where they are, this looks great. Expect to pay creative professional prices: the minimum configuration of the W700 starts at $2,978.

Lenovo intros the monstrous ThinkPad W700 [Engadget]

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  1. I’m so goddamn happy with my T60p as a workhorse, that I’d probably buy one of these and pretty much use it as a desktop if I had the spare dough.

    Wonder how hot the exhaust from this thing is?

  2. …Does that thing come with a warning about not letting small children play near the desk, lest it fall off and crush them by accident?

  3. I’m a huge fan of the quad-core and the 8GB of memory, and I’d like the Wacom tablet be the touchpad. (or, be an iPhone-like display+multitouch pad for Jeff Han action.)

    Looking forward to the hardware update event by Apple in September.

  4. I’d probably buy one of these and pretty much use it as a desktop

    I think you could use it as a desk 😉

    I had a laptop once that was pretty much the Sony equivalent of this. Battery lasted about 20 minutes; just long enough for me to drive/bike it from one power outlet to another…

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