Stephen Hawking portrait on black velvet


Nichole "The Toy Baroness" Lindsay commissioned this "Tijuana Velvet" painting of Stephen Hawking that anyone would be proud to place above their coal black mantle.

Tijuana Black Velvet Painting of Stephen Hawking (NewGallery_SH32.jpg) [] (Thanks, Bonnie!)

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  1. Oh, you did indeed, Bonnie! And I thought it was your flickr stream. But it is not! So let me add a healthy via.

  2. I would rather have a portrait of the younger, more ambulatory Hawking. This one is somewhat depressing.

  3. that website is _SO_ 1995.

    If you’re referring to the zenith of Internet culture, then yes, it is. 😀

    Ah, what a sweet the decade (1991-2001) of “The End of History” was — after the “Red Menace” (USSR) but before the “Phantom Menace” (“terrorism”). When the United States had a balanced budget, wasn’t “at War”, and digicash and data havens were on the verge of rendering nation-states obsolete through the technological determinism of networking personal computers as “bicycles for our minds” on the “electronic frontier”.

    Slow as ever, even mass-media caught on four years later with films such as The Matrix and Fight Club announcing (to quote Aeon Flux): “The dream to awaken our world.”

    Then some angry guys made a couple buildings fall down and most people got the stupid idea that this “changes all the rules” and (to quote Spaceballs) to “do something!”

  4. I’d love for Wil to do a video of himself discussing his Wesley Crusher black velvet painting lovingly adorned on his living room mantle… sort of a cross between Sister Wendy and Jack McBrayer’s Living ‘Neath the Law.

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