The Corona-Matic: Typewriter turned waffle iron


Designer Chris Dimino took the pad off an old Corono Typewriter, inverted it, conducted electricity through the keys and transformed it into the Corona-Matic, modifying the typewriter's output from manuscripts to deliciously QWERTY, keyboard shaped golden brown waffles.

If that's not good enough, check out the Typewriter Vacuum and Typewriter Table Hockey.

Depressingly, it's only a prototype... and without DIY instructions and a stray Corona, it looks like our waffles will continue to be of the depressingly oval variety.

The Corona-Matic [Designhead via Crave]

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  1. Oh my god, this is so horrible! Typewriters should be gathering dust, not up-cycled into waffle irons! How dare he repurpose dead technology! This wafflepunk trend just makes me unreasonably angry!

  2. It may not be Dvorak, but at least it doesn’t have a Windows key to eject you out of your eating workspace. Nyar hyar hyar…*snoooork*

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