Two-way mirror hides HDTV in this nice installation


DND Casa, what appears to be some sort of boutique design firm, has done a few installations in which flat panel displays are placed behind two-way mirrors. Most of the installations are quite gaudy, unfortunately, but the one pictured above is really nice. The wood and seamless (horizontally at least) line between the wood and the mirrored panel looks classy — or like a microwave in a paneled trailer home. Whatever!

I've got my my TV wall mounted in my new bedroom for now, but I wonder how difficult it would be to do this without disassembling the television so the panel actually sits flush with the screen, instead of being held off by the bevel a few millimeters. (I haven't forgotten all the great suggestions you guys had for finishing my room but I'm not going to show anything off until I've made more progress.)

Company Page [ via Yanko]

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  1. Ok, it might be funny, slightly geeky and most certainly braggy, but concider this: the most irritating thing about tv screens and lcd panels are the reflective “glare” surfaces (take your MacBook outside on a sunny day and you know what I mean). Now imagine having a 100% reflecting mirror around your screen! No way I’d every install anything like this anywhere in my house.

  2. 2nd on Garr’s comment that this makes no sense.
    I can understand if you like a flush install, but the reflective part is what most screen makers are trying to avoid (e.g. plasma) and recent home designs seems to shy away from mirror closet doors etc.
    i don’t see how having a mirror in the middle of panels are better than having a screen in the middle of panels.

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