Tyrannosaurus lamp lights bedrooms Crestaceously


The T-Rex DIY Dinosaur Light — they had such an opening for DIYnosaur, but they resisted like spartans — flashes me back to the more scientific days of my childhood, when my room was covered with fossilized chicken bones mislabeled with various thunder lizard names in the Latin, and the primary concern of my passionately inquiring mind was whether or not a Tyrannosaurus Rex with two tiny chainsaws for its arms could face down a pack of hyper-intelligent Velociraptors armed with bazookas.

Back then, I would have killed for a lamp like this: a plastic constructible dinosaur lamp that at $26 is affordable by even the chintziest of science-museum-going parents. Hell, who am I kidding? I'd still love one. I'd definitely need to invest in a green bulb, though. And maybe two ember-like Christmas lights for eyes.

DIY Assemble Dinosaur Lights set [Brando via Gizmodo]

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