The Arcade Cabinet of Tomorrow


The stages of arcade cabinet hankering:

1. Authenticity: one wishes to own either a working cabinet, or an emulator residing within one.

2. Dissatisfaction: The crappy authentic cabinet you can actually afford is as big as a fridge, weighs 300 pounds and is generally a great ugly pile of chipboard. One game is not enough, and gutting it to slap in a computer just makes it nastier.

3. No way am I paying $3,000 for a nice custom one or $500 for the flimsy little junk "cabinet" that Target sold for a while.

4. Dreaming of something wonderful and different, like Martjin Koch's Retro Space.

The cabinet features arcade-quality Sanwa joysticks and buttons mounted on a sleek anodized aluminum control panel. The layout supports classic 1 & 2 person games (there's even a trackball) and includes over 100 licensed arcade classics and a suite of emulators. Retro Space also functions as an HD media jukebox that's equally at home with your music collection and 1080p video playback on its 24-inch 1920x1200 monitor.

Update: From Retrospace's Lara Verlaat:

We plan to do a limited edition first run this autumn of about 20-50
cabinets. We are looking for those of you with most interest to be on
the front row. We are working very hard to get the final price for the
units of this first run. Expect something in the range of 5000-6000
euros including VAT for a full working system.

Product Page [via RetroThing]

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