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  1. hello folks,
    VERY fast nerdscroll code 🙂

    it inspired my [bon]ome project:

    this project is named: [b][bon]ome[/b]

    [bon]ome is a collaborative project based on the popular monome and inspired by those genius folks from arduinome project (Jordan/Owen/Ben!)

    it involves this hardware:
    1 arduino board
    8×8 RGB leds matrix soldered on sparkfun PCB 4×4 (x4)
    1 sparkfun backpack with SPI interface

    there are 2 parts:
    – firmware for the Arduino board (1.0 bt)
    – serial/osc router

    actually, the serial router works fine and is coded with Python-Twisted framework (thanks a lot Devon!)

    I’m working on the C++ based version that begins to wokr fine… I have to tweak that.
    I’d like to code a java (via processing IDE) and compare performance

    The link on my site is:
    I’m waiting for the approval for my account/project on sourceforge
    All will be on asap !!

    All the best,

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