A sinister chorus of tortured Furbies

"The art he practiced was a performing art rather than a creative one: Doctor Jest was the Chief Interrogator of Melnibon√©. Reaching out with his free hand, he expertly seized the genitals of one of the male Furbies™. The scalpel flashed and the resulting music grew louder and more complex as the Furbies™, their vocal cords surgically operated upon to sing but one note each, screamed in perfect harmony. Even the young emperor was moved by the sinister echo of their songs. 'Why should their pain produce such marvelous beauty?' he wondered. And the Emperor Elric closed his eyes."

Published by Rob Beschizza

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  1. At mother-in-law’s house. Saw a magazine I wanted to read. Furby was on top of magazine, on table. Picked up Furby and set it aside to get magazine.




    That f*cking thing did not stop shrieking at random intervals until the next day.

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