Cloud: Heathrow's incredible flip dot animated sculpture

Hanging like a scintillating CGI blob between the escalators of Heathrow Airport's new Terminal Five, 'Cloud' is an incredible kinetic sculpture that channels 4,638 reflective flip dots into an amazing amorphous animation... like a giant glob of liquid metal siphoned out of the gut of a T-1000 and prodded into shapeshifting by electrical pulses.

Cloud [ via Gearfuse]

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  1. OMG!
    They let these terrorists take pictures inside one of the busiest airports on the planet! They allowed this highly sensitive information to leak on the Interweb! Now the wrongdoers know the secret locations of the escalators and the cloud. Why did they fail to protect the thousands and thousands of innocent lives? Quickly, send the DMCA takedown notice to YouTubes and order all browsers and proxy servers to clear cache! Do a background check on the “artists” behind this; God forbid, they have any arab/muslim/atheist/liberal/dark-skinned family members or friends – we are under attack!

  2. Whoever programmed it missed a splendid opportunity to have rain-images that match the “shusshing” sound of the mirrors moving into and out of position. Perhaps they’d rather forget rain there…

  3. It’s mesmerizing. I’m sure even more so, in person, for example, to the people riding on the nearby escalators. There will be blood. And pickpockets.

  4. I can’t believe they let you stand there and actually take pictures of this thing. London PD is really losing their touch.

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