Guitar Praise: Guitar Hero for Christians


I used to be a Christian. Born of atheist parents, I stumbled upon this on my own. But there was a day my faith disintegrated: it was when I realized that the exact same sensation of God's love that I felt at Christian gatherings was absolutely indistinguishable from the adrenaline rush and sense of cultural belonging that I felt at a rock concert.

Guitar Praise, then, might send more souls to the boiling feces rape pits of hell than it saves... at least if any of them connect the dots like I did. A Guitar Hero knock-off for Christians, it costs $99.95 with one guitar and plugs into any Mac or PC.

"Grab the guitar and play along with top Christian bands! Shred those riffs or blast the bass…you add a unique sound to the solid Christian rock. But watch out: if you can't keep up, the artists will take a break and stop the music." Christian rock? Unique sounds? Artists taking breaks and stopping the music? METALLICA!

Guitar Praise [Pre-Order Page]

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  1. I feel this game can be a best seller in Akihabara!

    My favourite song: JESUS FREAK (from dc Talk)

  2. I feel the need to clarify.

    I see God’s love through what his Son did for me, not from a rush I get at church. Jesus died to forgive me, despite my sins. While I do feel the adrenaline rush you mention, for me it stems from a desire to praise and glorify the Creator of the Universe, who loves me, despite my imperfection.

    Accepting a relationship with Jesus was the greatest decision I ever made.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. I know that there are crazy people on any side of the fence, but I just want to note that there is more to Christianity than feeling good. Heck, most of the apostles died violently for their decision.

    I hope this makes sense, because I have a terrible time putting my thoughts into words.

    PS: I wouldn’t buy this product, because I think it is stupid.

  3. This is actually kinda cool even if I dont hold with with their messiah. IIRC we talked about having some kinda 10 list of religious gadgets over on the IRC channel. This is a start.

  4. If A version of guitar hero took your faith, what instilled your faith in the first place? The pointlessness of human existence as portrayed in Yars revenge?

  5. eveyone knows the devil has the best tunes.

    that and god is as real as santa clause

  6. everyone knows the devil has the best tunes.

    That and god is a real as santa claus

  7. There. Is. No. God.

    the sooner you realize this very simple fact, the happier you will be. You have a limited amount of years on this rock, and then lights out. Forever. If you want Paradise, you have to seek and create it now. Here and Now. That is all we have.

  8. Ooh. Atheists jump in en masse!

    Someone is going to need to be a bit more inflammatory to get this comment thread to legendary status.

    (this is not my attempt)

    From the page selling the extra guitar:
    “Power Duel mode also lets players send “surprises” that impact their opponent’s play.”

    In the normal guitar hero game, they made you play double notes or whatever. I wonder if this makes you pray the rosary real fast or something.

  9. Anbody who’s sure that God exists is a closed-minded fool.

    Anbody who’s sure that God does not exist is a closed-minded fool.

    That said, I’d happily rock out with MXPX or Relient-K, two kick ass Christian bands.

  10. A good number of the bands on the list for this game have been featured in hit movies (and made the top40) in the past five to eight years or so. I still buy more non-Christian CD’s per year, but the segment is a growing and quite skilled bunch. Flyleaf, 12 Stones and TFK are prominent cross-culture bands (read: not just popular in Christian circles).

    The sad attempts to market it annoy me, but the basic concept of it is good. I’d probably buy it if I owned/used/cared about console games.

    I’m not sure why anyone is shocked to see this market produce something of this nature. Were you around during the 90’s for the Nintendo games all based on Biblical stories? Hardly news…

  11. Am I the only one who instantly thought of the South Park episode when Cartman formed the Jesus rock band (Faith+one) to win a bet and make money from Christian suckers?

    Is there a miracle function that allows the player to bend the laws of physics to play better? Cause that would be worth the $99.95.

  12. This sort of thing will be bought by the same parents that would insist that their child “put on a little guitar show for the guests” at their next dinner party, thus absolutely insuring that their kid will never set foot in a church again once they turn eighteen. Mua ha ha ha! This is the best idea that I’ve had since the invention of the Catholic schoolgirl outfit!


    The Devil.

  13. I am STILL waiting for Accordion Hero, featuring “Lady of Spain,” and “Theme from the Godfather.”

    Seriously, this is just another way for business to cash in on religion. WTF, they already own the government. What’s next, product placement at the altar? Corporate logos on the pope’s vestments? Churches named “Pepsi Pentecostal Church,” or “The Coca Cola Catholic Church?”

  14. “Christian rock? Unique sounds?”

    Hmm, when I was still an Xtian, all the Xtian bands were trying to sound like secular bands to “minister to the youth”. They had an Iron Maiden Clone, a Judas Priest clone, even a Ratt clone.

    Ak…gives my soul a headache.

  15. @29
    It’s not Xtian, it’s Xian, as the X stands for Christ. Just like it’s not Xt-mas.
    What did you say that needs clarifying?

    After I discarded my puerile belief in Christianity and started listening to so-called secular music, I was kind of stunned to realize how shitty the Christian music was. At the time, I thought it was pretty good.

  16. I prayed that I’d eventually learn how to do barre chords and He delivered.

    I still suck at playing in general, though.

  17. @20 – Gasp! Tolerance, on the internet? I never thought I’d see the day. It’s nice to see someone not suddenly jump on a controversial issue and proclaim their viewpoint as the OBVIOUS and CORRECT and DAMN IT WHY ARE YOU ALL SO STUPID THAT YOU DON’T GET IT answer.

    I’m not Christian, but I don’t have a problem with Christianity, and I don’t see any reason to make fun of it.

  18. I just dont understand why these past generations dont learn how to play an actual instrument? Are they that lazy and have such a short attention span they need these type of video games?

    No better than rappers who think they are actual musicians—NOT

  19. I love to play rock band but as a Christian Minister, I hate the fact that I am forced to endure secular music. One problem with this product is that they do not have any Audio Adrenaline (check out underdog CD or the song “Undefeated”) and they choose the wrong Toby Mac song (Ignition). In other words, they did not get enough of rocking songs. The other problem is that it is not for the consoles.

    For those who are confused, christians like all types of music because we are not born saved, we are all just saved by grace through faith, and that is not of ourselves but is the free gift of God for those who choose to accept it.

    The makers of rock band and guitar hero are missing out on a great part of the market.

  20. I’m always a bit amused when anything that is related to religion and is a bit goofy or not up to the tastes of others is ridiculed, both as an example of how religion is [fill in the negative adjective], and how it’s just plain wrong.

    There is no connection between how bad/good Christian music is and the truth of the message.

    For the record, I still think much of Mozart’s “Christian” music (you know… that Requiem stuff) still kicks the ass of almost any secular music written since. So if you want to put Casting Crowns up against Tom Petty, I’ll also ask you to put Wolfgang up against Tom Jones. No disrespect to either of the Toms intended.

    Arguing musical taste is, to my mind, almost as puerile as arguing favorite color. We like what we like.

    – Andy

    PS: Since we’re keeping score… believing Christian liberal here who doesn’t base any of my beliefs on emotional highs and doesn’t find a contradiction between theism and science.

  21. @ #18 – Mojave:

    Not necessarily. I’m an atheist and I subscribe to a version of quantum immortality; we’re all going to live forever due to not dying always being possible.

    As for Christian music, I find that any artist which tries to categorize itself like that is almost invariably rubbish; they focus more on the religion than the music. It’s just so limiting. And besides, most people’s religious experiences are far more banal and insipid than they think.

  22. I’m shocked nobody mentioned Neal Morse when talking about christian rockers. He was an extraordinary frontman, singer/guitarist/keyboardist in super groups such as Spock’s Beard and Transatlantic. Sadly if you listen at his music after his “conversion” in 2002 you clearly hear what too much religion can do even to a very talented musician: it destroyed his creativity.

  23. This is a great idea. Maybe now the Christians on the Rock Band boards will stop whining about the lyrical content of the music in that game.

    Then again, since “praise music” is known for being repetitive (it’s an essential element of the mass hypnosis techniques used in religion since forever) the charts are bound to be boring.

    They’ll be back.

  24. What’s next? Hymns for Sony Singstar – sing with your favourite choir (editions: Gospel Heroes and Russian Monks Extreme).

    As an European, this whole Christian Rock thing is a total alien and weird phenomenon for me. I’d love to think they all look like Dave Gahan in his “Personal Jesus” days, but I’m afraid they don’t.

  25. Will I get to play all of my favorite hits from Faith + 1? I want to help them go double myrrh. 🙂

  26. @Strider: Ganesh-Gnop = favorite comment ever.

    I hate to comment on comments, but I felt you had to know.

  27. While the makers of Guitar Praise didn’t exactly consult us on artists that could be included in the new video game, if they did, we might be able to help bunk the notion that “Christian rock” sucks. Come on, admit it: You think Christian rock is like Creed or the Southpark guys saying, “If we just play songs about how much we love Jesus, all the Christians will buy our crap.”
    HM Magazine covers the Christian hard music scene – featuring artists such as As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Brian “Head” Welch, Haste The Day, Demon Hunter, As Cities Burn, August Burns Red, The Chariot, Blindside, mewithoutYou, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Norma Jean, The Devil Wears Prada, The Almost, Anberlin, etc… as well as a variety of other artists like Paramore, Copeland, Mutemath and Reliant K.  Check us out at online at Thanks!

  28. Won’t have a very long run, between Amazing grace and all the other mindlessly repeated songs are from people who lack the song writting tallents to be any good, the anti religious is where rock and roll got it’s jumpstart, Hell Gene Simmons was Jewish, and some concerned parents protested at every kiss concert that he and his band were all satanists, forbidding your kids from doing something is the best marketing stratagy out there, it’s a sad and horrible fad, neo-christian BS, if there were a god he wouldn’t permit this crap, the least they could do is just preform and not sell records, no financial gain, it’s for the good of theirs souls and ours, where’s their thological bullshit then?

  29. I recomend some Disciple and Demon Hunter for Guitar Praise 2, see I have some friends that listen to hadr rock/screamo and are, well, not christianand I am and I also like the hard rock genre. I really like Demon Hunter and Disciple and the way I see it is if I could get some of my friends to listen to some of the groups I lestin to they would see that there are alternatives to the complete trash and down grading music we all are guilty of listing to.

  30. to post #18, and to any one who dosent believe in God, did you ever wonder why we only have so much time on earth…, If you took the time to look at what you wrote about how we only live here for so long you would realize that you are missing something…The fact that God put us here to live and die and then live again,and another thing, what dose paradise mean? It means this, a place of complete tranquility, this meaning was derived for the verses describing Heaven, the everlasting paradise.

    I am going to be keeping tabs on this discussion board to see any and all responses to this, e-mail if need be,

  31. LOL @ #50. Best comment so far.

    @ #35, come on man, how close-minded are you. There is good and bad hip-hop, much like there is good and bad rock. If you dislike all hip-hop, it is a problem with you, and your close-mindedness, not the genre. Also, that “play a real instrument” crap is getting old. These games are made for fun. You don’t tell people who play FPS games to go join the military do you? You don’t tell people who play fighting games to learn a martial art. How is this different?

    As for this game. I must say that I did have a gut reaction of, “hahah… huh?”. Leaving all of the religious debate aside, I am slowing begining to realize this is not a totally bad idea. If you don’t want to play it, don’t buy it. I won’t, but I see nothing terribly wrong about it. It just is not for me. I prefer Tool.

  32. I think that a lot of you are going to be suprised one day when the Lord takes all the christians away and you are left on earth to suffer because you decided to not accept Jesus and say the things you have about him.

    I think that I guitar praise is a good idea; its another way for the people of this awful world to not be subject to the horrible lyrics of todays music.

    You should repent now, since you have time.

  33. Ok look for all yall atheist people just dont know what life is all about do yall?because if you dont belive in in god yuou have NO are dead.and god put us here to glorify let me ask you a question.if there is no god then how did the first man get on this earth?thats right you dont have a clue because you are stupid.literlayy.and just a little note your gonna burn in hell because of your belives.but god loves you.and when you stand befor him you will relize really how stupid you will regret all the comments you are leaving about how stupid and crazy this is.but do you really want to know why you dont like this?because you are mad that they have not come out with somthing for my advice to you is to GET SAVED!!!!

  34. Some of the smartest people in history connected the dots and believe Jesus Christ was and is the only way to secure your place in eternity. It’s sad to hear a lost and hurting soul effected so much by the evil of this world. I am happy to see a good alternative to the secular Guitar Hero. I just hope they put some hard core speed metal like The Showdown or Underoath.

  35. Yeah #58 is right. There’s no way around it. Man obviously couldn’t just appear, neither could the earth.

    GOD. IS. REAL. Get over it. There’s no point in spending an eternity in hell when you know God really exists. Why don’t you all just take a few minutes and sit down and read the Bible some time.

  36. #47, get a life you creepo. i’m a teenage guy, and you totally just made me mad. you are supposed to treat girls with respect, you’re supposed to HONOR them like a real man, saying something like thisjust proves that you are a man who shows no respct for anyone but yourself.

  37. I saw a comment that said realize there is no God now and you’ll be happier…… it’s interesting cause I’m very happy believing in Jesus. In fact, if I never got to get in his presence, i would definitely not be happy… so interesting try on that one… I guess you just have to realize that I have no problem surrenduring my will to Jesus’. I’m definitely not the center of the world, He is, that’s why I worship him…… so sad you’d think all Christians arnt happy…

  38. While Christian rock isn’t normally my bag, this is really a great move by bringing a niche game to a niche market. And hey – if players like the product AND get to play their favorite music, who’s to complain?

  39. Why are people so threatened by this game? I have been on both sides of the fence and I am very happy and proud to say that I am a Christian, a musician, and a former youth pastor. What you choose to believe is your own business, so why not just let the people that believe in Christ have their own game. If you don’t like it and don’t want any part of it, then shut up and mind your own business. You don’t have to buy it. You don’t even have to buy into the message they are trying to put out. Will I buy this game, I don’t know. I am just glad that there is another outlet for the small group of people that want an alternative.

    Do I wish they would have put some of the harder Christian rock on there? Yes I do. I’ve been in Christian rock bands over the years. The times I did play in non-Christian venues, the people had no idea we were Christian based on our sound. We did not force our message on anyone. We were Christians who wanted to play music, why should that be such a big deal.

  40. Thereshould be Guitar Praise 2: Christian Metal! Featuring all the bands from HMMag’s comment and many more.

  41. I can’t believe how much attack this product is getting! Do any of you have young children? My daughter is 9 and loves to play Guitar Hero, but I don’t like the lyrics or the suggestive way the girls dance. What is wrong with wanting your children joining in on the fun without having to be exposed to a negative message? I just think it’s sad that so many parents think its okay to condone bad language, inappropriate messages, and sensual dancing. I am glad there is an alternative, even if it is a bit dorky.

  42. God is real!!!!Freaking live with it!!I am a firm believer and I am glad that we have a clean version of Guitar Hero.It is long overdue.I like Guitar Hero,but all of the garbage in it is just wrong.Skimpy girls,bad language,and underworld crud may appeal to some people,but I will not play Guitar Hero again when I get Guitar Praise.If you do not like it,so what.And I am completely happy in God.The God does not exist thing is just an excuse to get drunk,murder,etc.

  43. to #47:GET A LIFE!!!!you have no respect to show for yourself as far as girls go.Get saved.There are no words to tell you how wrong you are,without being vulgar myself.

  44. First of all Shame on you(Christains) for running these people down. What they say might be disgusting(which it is) but do you REALLY think your going to change anyone’s mind on here? TRUTH without CONTEX, its fabulous the pharasees were good at that…and they crucified Jesus. Im a Christain but i hate religious people.

    “Do not judge(condemn)lest you be judged(condemned)”…sound familiar? The only people were called to judge are other christians as Paul said…so shut up, get off the internet and read your bible.

    (Now that thats taken care of) As for Guitar Praise, the music is good.Although it could be better. Imagine if the game sold well and there was a sequal they would probably add better music and more metal.But they need money for the music rights…so they need to sell a few of these…

    To make another point Guitar Hero I sucked…the graphics sucked, the music could have been better.We all loved it because of how much FUN it was…BUT it got better as the games went on! As it made money, the company spent more on it…

    Honestly if these guys open the door for a christain music “Guitar Hero” and them or someone else makes a really good one. With Bands like UNderOath,Norma Jean,Demon HUnter, Zao, The Devil Wears Prada and As i Lay dying…..they would make money because 75% of High schoolers listen to these bands. HECK, AILD is one of the best bands right now period.

    Overall i think this could be the beginning of a really good thing. Just like guitar Hero started humbly(and sucked)..this is too.

    As for my Christian friends out there, do you REALLY think the world would accept something like this and not try to tear it down someway? Of course there going to mock it, and just say things to piss u off. LET IT GO…Truth Without Context….dont be that guy….

  45. To 70:how are you a Christian but hate religious stuff?It is like saying I`ll have a soup sandwich:it is not possible!!!And as Christians we should back this up,it may be used as a tool for ministry.And you language is not that clean for a Christian.

  46. @72…
    Ha!, Seriously? Are you seriously saying my language is “not clean”…HAHAHAHAH! Listen to Mark Driscol from Mars Hill Church, and you would probably go deaf. From the “S-word”(suck)and the “d-word” LOL. I guess language the world uses to decribe things they dont like is innappropreate….HAHAHA.

    I bet you think Christain Metal is from the Devil too…ha ha ha. You better “follow all the rules or your going to burn like the rest of the world”. I bet your on the “commity” at your church for the evaluation of “course language”…

    Here’s a little NKJ for ya…
    Eph 5:4 “Neither filthiness,nor foolish talking,nor jesting,which are not convenient:but rather giving of thanks.”

    The authors of this have taken the liberty to translate “jesting” as crude joking in the ESV and NIV. The bible does not define “crude talk”…this verse is speaking to all talk that moves your eyes off of christ(gossip,vanity..ect)..NOT the word “SUCK”.

    Jesus told the Pharacess that there mom “shagged” the devil!Matt 23:33, “Brood” meaning “family”OR SONS OF SNAKES… bet you didn’t know that? Learn a little Greek or Hebrew and you can find out what the REAL “rules” are and what the bible accually says….Believe,follow and love Jesus Christ.

    In fact 72..i’m a 4th Year bible college student Majoring in Bible Theology and Greek/Hebrew. Entering Seminary this fall….I’m getting my M.Div.

    So save your (unbiblical judgment) talk about my language for your “holy huddle” where apparently no-one expresses themselfs.

    “oh golly gosh” “dang-nabit”….lol…i can hear it now. And all in the name of being “holy”. its a shame. Read your bible,its the “rule” followers that got jealous and killed Jesus. The “religious” people….The disciples weren’t “religous”…they believed that Jesus was who he said he was and did there best to follow him.

    If you wanna follow rules and try to be perfect then become a Catholic(where they make up there own RULES)or a Mennonite.

    As for us bible reading Jesus followers who live in the real world. Thorough the Redeemed love and grace of Jesus Christ Ill express myself in a non-vulger way, to people who will read this message and understand it. I’ll use the word “Suck” untill the day i die, and laugh my head off when people like you try to say its “de-meriting” to my christain walk.

    Good luck with the rule following…hope it gets you far.

  47. well,you can just talk however you want to.i will not be the one held accountable for it at the White Throne Judgment.And i can`t find anywhere in the Bible were it says Christians should bash other Christians because one is being held accountable for should look up Ephesians 4:29.But i guess it depends on how you define bad language.

  48. @ #66
    Eventually, your child will grow up. She’ll learn about sex, swearing, and violence sooner or later. Besides, it’s just a video game. They’re just lyrics, and the girls are small bits of data that were put in for no apparent reason.

    Besides, on the box for Guitar Hero, it’s rated Teen. It got the rating due to lyrics and some sexual situations. It’s just like how people attack South Park or Family Guy.

    I’m on your side, I just wanted to point that bit of information out.

  49. Its sad that all of you people get so defensive when it comes to these things. Its vaguely pathetic.
    Yes, its good that they made an alternative to gh, but will i buy this? probably not. I have nothing against it though. the music that’s on it is great. i like it. its what i listen to.
    Plus, all of you who are arguing about religion, Christianity is not about religion. It is about your personal relationship with Christ. That’s what God really cares about. Not religion.

  50. #77:you are right as far as the relationship thing goes,but this is a place to argue,debate,etc. over this kinda stuff.but i am not knocking you and i agree with you about God,you are just missing the point of a forum.




  54. What I don’t get is if y’all don’t believe in life after death, why are you wasting your time posting on here? By posting aren’t you just wasting your life away?

  55. I’m sorry… im just so sorry that Satan has such a horrible grip onto you. I know i’m gonna pray for ya tonight. As for the game, it’s sweet. I know what it feels to play it, and let me tell you, it’s sweet.

    STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!
    GROW UP!!!!!!

  57. people argue for religous reasons but if it was something else their wouldnt be all this talkn and arguing

    what do u guys have against christians we dont have anything against you we just want to tell you the truth

  58. To everybody on here that says they are Christian, yall are nailing it on the head. Everybody that is Atheist or anything else or just dont beleive in any thing, read these posts then go read a bible. God freaking loves and you are pretty much spitting in his face. He created you and is literally evrybody’s dad. Would you do that to earthly dad? I surely hope not cause thats pretty sad if you do.

    About this game….im 16 and im into all the guitar hero games and rock band also. Im pretty sure i wouldnt buy the first version of this but if they came out with a full band set and better songs like turn it up by pillar or, who i am s who ive been by relient k I would be one of the first to have it. Hopefully they will make a better version of it with better songs we’ll just have to wait and see.

    To Christians who think “secular” music is wrong, what’s wrong with listening to John Mayer or Stevie Ray Vaugn? There is nothing wrong with listening to good “secular” music, its the bad “secular” that this corrupt world creates that’s not worth listening to.

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