iNostalgia! Old-school Football on iPhone


Remember those bleepy LED football games from thirty years ago? If so, you'll be delighted to hear that old school is coming to the iPhone. Maker Mark Helmuth writes in:

I have developed a new application based on the 1970s electronic handheld football game. We have a working beta version ready for the iphone. ... We plan to launch next week

The game will be just a buck, according to the homepage, and it's currently in Beta. Mark's looking for testers for final refinements: if you want in, make your case in the comments and add some contact info, and perhaps he'll be in touch.


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  1. Arggghhh I am having video game memories so strong my hands have begun to move on there own accord….

    drop backkkk up up up up down up up up down down forward forward forward fffffooooorrrwwarrddd…..


  2. They still make the actual LED game if you can believe it. I managed an arcade that had skeeball ticket prizes, and the Tiger electronic football game was one of them. It was 600 tickets if I remember correctly.

  3. I loved this game! I actually had the plastic one as a kid, and i would play it endlessly. I still remember the beeping sound it would make when you got a touchdown. I can’t wait to play this on my iPod Touch.

  4. It was called Electronic Touchdown, and this sad imitation just can’t compete with the 2 player version (helmets not included).

  5. Wow. Seriously wow! I used to have a few of these and would play them for hours upon hours. I think I was ‘sick’ from school on at least 10 occasions so I could play this all day.

    If you need a beta tester, I would be *extremely willing* to call in sick and test this thing all day.

    you can find me here: im (at-sign)

  6. This is awesome. Bringing back games from before my childhood, that I got a hold of and made part of my own childhood. As a QA Engineer, I would love to help test any aspect or functionality of this application.

    Contact me at username (at-sign)

  7. I absolutely loved the original game! Up-Up-Over-Over-Down-Down-Over-Over-Up-Up-Run like hell!

    I was even playing it in the back seat when I was in my first car accident; I remember the crunching, my mom’s car coming to a stop, and then the sound of me getting tackled.

    I’d love to beta test this. I’m at kevin dot kulp at gmail.

  8. I am uniquely qualified to beta test as I spent hours upon hours as a child trying to break my plastic football-shaped version. I remember getting to the 70 yard line on several occasions! anned at alum dot mit dot edu.

  9. I used to play this while sitting in the middle of the back seat of the family car (I was the youngest child) on long road trips to family get-togethers. Would be happy to take a look at the beta – mark at goodexperience dot com

  10. I would be a heck of a lot more impressed if not for the LEDhead package of open-source freeware LED games, available for Windows 9x+, PalmOS, WinMob, AND (to an extent) Atari 2600:

    Is this supposed to be the exciting new feature of the iPhone, paying for what is open-source and/or free on every other platform, to include Windows Mobile? Or is it Simply Better (TM) because it’s on an Apple product?

  11. this is awesome. I wasted 100’s of hours on this and football2…would love to beta test as I have a lot of free time over the next several days (came down with strep throat…feel my pain!) – dkir dot ripple at gmail

  12. Will this be downloadable for the iPod Touch as well (or are all iPhone gameas available on the Touch? I am new to the Touch.) Thanks.

  13. I cannot wait to get this app. I remember playing this game for hours. We also had Hockey and Baseball. I’d really like to go back to my parents house to get them out and play them.

    If you still need beta testers, I’d love to participate and help out.

    dfornal at gmail

  14. Wow, this looks pretty cool 😀 If you still need beta testers my email is

    alexbttf (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Very cool! I used to play this as a little girl all the time…. used to make the boys so mad cause I could kick their butts rather than play with Barbies (yeah, I was always a tomboy and a gamer)

    If you still need testers I am at feistymdcpl @ yahoo . com

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