Laptop Mag reviews Peek e-mail only PDA (Verdict: A Kindle for email)


When the Peek pocket email device was first announced, some of you were skeptical. But Laptop Magazine likes it quite a bit, and spells out the Peek's charm in one captivating analogy: the Kindle is for books, and the Peek is for email.

We did notice that the Peek took a bit longer than a BlackBerry to bring up a new message window and to load the menu options. However, the user interface is dead simple, and sending new messages should be a breeze for the tech-incompetent. We loved the spacious, rubberized keyboard and its tactile feedback. You should have no problem slipping the Peek into a pocket since it is, according to Peek CEO Amol Sarva, “30 percent thinner than the iPhone.

A lot of us are going to wonder about the purpose of the Peek, but like I said when I originally posted about it, I admire the elegance of devices that do one thing and perform that primary function incredibly well. It'll be interesting to see if there really is a market for a $100 portable email device wedged underneath the Smartphone and Blackberry segments.

A Sneak Peek at the E-Mail-Only Peek [Laptop Mag]

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