BBG: the official blank desktop


In honor of Microsoft's latest update to Windows Genuine Validation, which removes the desktop wallpaper of hacked or illegal copies of Windows and replaces it with an ever-fashionable black background and a warning, BBG presents its official desktop wallpaper for Friday, August 29.


Use in close proximity to the Large Hadron Collider at one's own risk – and that of the known universe.

This 1600x1200 image is also available at 1024x768 and 1920x1200

Published by Rob Beschizza

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  1. I usually run a black desktop, and performance level settings but that’s because my computers are comparatively resource challenged.

    I might have to add this warning though. 🙂

  2. (The desktop in black)

    I run the black ’cause my computer’s fairly old
    for the resource warnings that I’m occasionally told

    I run it for the little bit of gaming that I do
    If you had my machine you’d do it too

    Oh I’d love to have a rainbow on my screen
    and know for sure my programs running clean

    but last-dot-FM’s running playing something from The Knack
    ’till I have a new computer,
    my desktop’s in black

    ’till the new computer,
    my desktop’s in black

  3. My desktop is black and my machine is relatively new.. I just got tired of the distraction of a photo or whatever on the inactive portions of the screens.

  4. Oh dear, none of those fit my resolution. I hope the image doesn’t get too distorted when I set it on stretch.

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