Diesel's quintuple-faced watch


If you're a pan-continental jet setter, the quintuple-faced Diesel DZ9024 might be worth the $550, but its true audience is for the jokester who lives anywhere besides New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and London who relishes the irony of wandering around with five different watches on his wrist, none of which actually tell the time where he is.

Diesel DZ9024 [Diesel via technabob]

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  1. The man with one watch always knows what time it is, the man with two is never sure.

    The man with five watches ? He has more than a few unresolved issues.

  2. I tend to live in just one time zone for any given day, but I can see this being very useful.

    I’d set the dials like this:

    1: The actual time wherever I am (essential)
    2: The time in Brazil, where my project collaborator lives (useful)
    3: Solar time – 12:00 corresponds to noon (useless but interesting)
    4: The time my girlfriend’s watch thinks it is (potentially lifesaving)
    5: Stopped, to independantly verify how many times a day it’s right. (Because everyone loves SCIENCE!)

  3. What’s cool is that even with five dials they are always right twice a day, each and every one of ’em.

  4. Since douchebags won’t wear a bracelet that says “DOUCHEBAG” (usually), this is an adequate substitute.

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