Skeleton disco ball for werewolves in the discothesque


If only we'd had one of these skull-shaped disco balls in the Malden High gymnasium during prom night. A magical night, in which I convinced the DJ to play "Bloodletting" during the last dance of the night, which I spent futilely trying to slip my hand under the blood red corset of my consumptive-looking goth date. Sigh. Our love making? It would have smelled of cloves.

$39.99, if you're having a Halloween Monster Mash.

Skeleton Disco Ball [Fright Catalog via Coolest Gadgets

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  1. Wow John, are you writing these from a dusty attic desk?
    One perhaps with one corner covered in candle wax?

    I’m not saying to stop, mind you.

  2. I’ve been building these things for at least 10 years. I even detailed the fabrication process in that book I wrote for the Make guys.

    So where’s my cut?

  3. By “consumptive-looking” do you mean she was dying of tuberculosis?

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one in highschool going after the infected girls…

  4. I live up the street where nearly all the disco balls in the world are manufactured. At National Products in Louisville, KY. Google it!

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