Asus Eee PC 1000H: a perfectly wonderful netMacbook


One thing we're all pretty sure Steve Jobs has no intention of announcing tomorrow: an OS X netbook. But why do we need one when the Asus Eee PC 1000H can be purchased for $550 and hacked to run OS X. Tech writer Scott Gilberson hacked the 1000H to run Leopard fairly easily, and the performance is pretty good, on par with a MacBook.

Unfortunately, the big issue is sound: there's no audio out. And the MSI Wind continues to remain the hardware for OS X netbook hackers.That said, it looks pretty great: I really love how fat and satisfying that dock looks on the tiny little screen,

Get A Slick Mac Netbook for Less Than $600 [Cult of Mac]

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  1. None of the audio interfaces work? this is far from a “perfect” netMacbook. That seems pretty key to an apples functionality 🙂

    Headline misleading.


  2. I wonder if anyone is gonna be able to hack the new Atom-based Dell Minis to run OSX. That would be totally awesome.

  3. @ #2:

    Things I didn’t know yesterday…

    Boy, some days I wish the internet had a rewind button. Yesterday was great.

  4. Why isn’t there a step by step guide HOW to hack it ? Everybody does this nowadays. Explain how they do things.

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