Apple discontinues 160GB iPod Classic: 120GB the only model now


Steve Jobs just announced that the 160GB iPod Classic — basically the only one that can handle the totality of a serious iTunes collection — is being discontinued in Apple's manic pursuit of thinness... a pursuit reflected in the gaunt corporeality of its own CEO.

Now, the only Classic will only come in 120GB flavors, for $249. That makes the new 120GB Zune suddenly look a bit competitive again in the Classic space: Microsoft must have known something.

iPod Classic [Apple]

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  1. Why is a 120GB Zune now competitive witha 120GB iPod just because there’s no longer a 160GB iPod? I don’t get it. Please ‘splain.

  2. I know I’m no hardcore user but my HD is only 160gb and my music collection is only 6gb. I cannot actually imagine how you could get 160gb of music or even video.

    There is just not enough time in the world to listen to 40,000 songs that’s around 2,000 hours of music in other words 83 days of solid music.

    If you are that despreate to have two months of music on your iPod then you are probably that geek-crazy to have enough money to buy two 120gb ones.

    * The maths in this comment is very probably wrong.

  3. You know, you can call me crazy if you want, but I buy about 20-30 gigabytes of music per year (emusic and audiolunchbox, woohoo!). I hadn’t bought a 160 GB iPod because it isn’t large enough to store my mp3 collection. I was waiting for at least a 250 so that I’d have enough for my current collection plus what I’ll buy in the next two years after buying it. I figured that they’d probably have something up in that range available soon. Oh well. 120 isn’t enough for what I own now.

    I guess that’s the downside of being part of a niche. The market just isn’t always going to serve you.

  4. Norfolkadam:

    I’ve got a 160GB iPod. It’s about 80% full. Most of it is music, but there are podcasts as well. If I used it for video, I could easily fill it.

  5. I was hoping to use a 160GB iPod as a second drive for a MacBook Air, since the biggest drive on the Air is (was?) 80GB. I would’ve been able to offload my iTunes library (22GB, 17 days) and save that much disk space on the Air.

    #4 Norfolkadam: if I listened to my iPod 8 hours a day, it would repeat every 51 days, seven times a year. Boring! With 160GB of music, it would at least take a year to start repeating itself. And then there’s movies.

    But: Air and iPod are both aiming for thinness, and the underlying reason is the difference between one-patter and two-platter 2.5 inch disks. This means there is a 120GB one-platter, right?

    So, does this mean there’s an Air with almost enough disk space??

  6. While I can certainly understand owning over 120 gb of media… why do you feel the need to have all of it at your fingertips all the time?

    You can’t just pick out 120 Gig worth, and leave the rest at home?

    My first MP3 player was 96 meg, nearly a decade ago (paid a pretty penny for it, too!). I could fit about 2 albums on there at decent quality. I swapped them out every day before I biked to school (uphill, I might add). I loved it, because the battery life was great, it was tiny, and it never skipped. Portable CD players of the day were big, only ran for an hour or two, and skipped like crazy; skip protection technology was just hitting the market.

    I understand, more storage is *always* better… but refusing to buy a unit at all because 120 gig is not enough? That’s just foolishness.

  7. “Now, the only Classic will only come in 120GB flavors, for $249. That makes the new 120GB Zune suddenly look a bit competitive again in the Classic space: Microsoft must have known something.”

    This just made my day. I’m starting to run out of space on my Zune 80, and it’s getting really beat up.

    I was considering dropping the Zune for an iPod since the Zune 120 didn’t make sense compared to the 160 Classic, but now this happens.

    MS must have known something, indeed.

  8. If you’re a serious music listener and collector, it’s *really* nice to have your entire music collection with you at all times. My collection is about 120 gigs, and add a few podcasts and a few episodes of Lost (I know I probably just lost all credibility with that last one), my 160 gig iPod is always full.

    I’ve seen this discussion come up elsewhere, people who don’t care whether they have *all* their music in one place calling people who do “foolish” or some such. Its just a different perspective, and I find it interesting the venom that people who don’t understand it use.

  9. ” merreborn sez:
    While I can certainly understand owning over 120 gb of media… why do you feel the need to have all of it at your fingertips all the time?

    You can’t just pick out 120 Gig worth, and leave the rest at home?”

    Why? Because you can, plus it’s an easy way to keep ALL of your media files backed up.

    What if your HD completely fails? You’d be up shit creek as far as your music/video collection goes.

  10. While I can certainly understand owning over 120 gb of media… why do you feel the need to have all of it at your fingertips all the time?

    You can’t just pick out 120 Gig worth, and leave the rest at home?

    I have a huge music collection (300GB+ haven’t checked in a bit) and a 60GB video iPod, and let me tell you, it’s hard to have everything I want on it at all times. It’s even worse when you’re with some friends and talking about “that obscure song” and you so “I have it! Oh wait, it isn’t loaded on my iPod.”

  11. pardon me, but i don’t understand. could someone explain this to me? perhaps i’m a quasi-luddite or a moldy oldy or something, but, i just fit 1,006 songs on a 2GB memory card(in WMA format, 64kbps—i know, it’s not lossless codec, it’s an evil windows program, it’s compressed, etc.) on a 2GB memory card. now, if you have a 160GB iPod, couldn’t you fit 10,480 songs on it with the right format/compression/codec??? and finally, who the hell has 10,480 songs? my entire CD collection is only 1,006 songs! i guess my point is, who ‘needs’ a 160GB iPod? Timbaland? Babyface? the entire Wu Tang Clan and their entourage?

  12. pardon me, but i don’t understand. could someone explain this to me? perhaps i’m a quasi-luddite or a moldy oldy or something, but, i just fit 1,006 songs on a 2GB memory card(in WMA format, 64kbps—i know, it’s not lossless codec, it’s an evil windows program, it’s compressed, etc.) on a 2GB memory card. now, if you have a 160GB iPod, couldn’t you fit over 81,000 songs on it with the right format/compression/codec??? and finally, who the hell has 81,000+ songs? my entire CD collection is only 1,006 songs! i guess my point is, who ‘needs’ a 160GB iPod? Timbaland? Babyface? the entire Wu Tang Clan and their entourage?

  13. If you’re a serious music listener and collector, …
    and I find it interesting the venom that people who don’t understand it use.

    Perhaps it’s because you implicitly say that people who aren’t like you and make do with a 1GB Shuffle (me) can’t be serious music listeners. And that they don’t “understand it,” whatever “it” may be.

    A veiled troll is still an ugly troll.

  14. Why all my music on my 160 GB iPod? So I DON’T have to choose. Wherever I go, there’s my music. Car, vacation, work…plus a few videos and podcasts.

    I do have a couple of nanos that I keep specialized things like audio test signals and such on (I’m an engineer in the home entertainment business).

    If the HD fails? There’s no danger of loosing it, it has to reside on my computer in the first place, and that’s backed and archived.

    I’m ambivalent about the cut to 120 GB. First, I got mine, so it doesn’t really affect me. Second, wait a few months for 250GB on one platter. Then 500GB, then a terabyte…

  15. @15: My sentiments exactly. And my sentiments come from a music major that’s not far away from filling up a terabyte.

  16. I got my wife a 160 GB ipod classic for her birthday last year because I got tired of waiting for her to switch out the music on her 15 GB 3G ipod every time we went on vacation. Now all of our music is on there and no time is wasted. Plus I can borrow it occasionally and be assured that my music is on there too.

    Between the two of us we own nearly 1000 CDs. That translates to 265 GB in FLAC format, or about 60 GB in 128K AAC (so an 80 or 120 GB ipod would work too, but we throw all of our photos on there too, so bigger is better). I would prefer to just throw the lossless on the ipod but it is both not big enough and does not support FLAC (although I suppose I could convert to Apple Lossless).

  17. Man I am so glad I got a 160gb version. You can easily fill that if you are an audiophile or like to keep a lot of video on your ipod. I think this is a bad decision.

  18. It’s not about how many songs you can fit, it’s about having access to THE song you want to hear when you need it. That is the beauty of having your whole library with you.

  19. I just bought a refurbished 160GB iPod on the Apple store. I’d wanted one for ages, and this news was enough to push me to that impulse buy.

  20. #16/remmelt:

    From where I sit it sure looks like you’re the one doing the trolling, but ok, I’ll soften it: many serious music listeners and collectors really like having their entire music collection available at once.

    I eagerly await your grammatical corrections.

  21. I keep my 160 and 80 ipods in my backpack with an 8gb in my pocket w/ “the standards”.

    my illness is that I never know what song i’m going to want to hear and when i’m going to want to hear it.

    one moment my mood is for Aceyalone then Jimmy Scott then to Muslimgauze… but which of the 50+ albums i have?

    120gb is an annoying move. I’ll still buy it if it’s what’s available when i’m in the market.

  22. 21 and 24 :
    Exactamundo. It’s not that I’m probably going to listen to the entire thing before my next sync, but rather that if I find that I suddenly need to hear “Marquee Moon” RIGHT NOW I can do so without having to worry about whether I thought in advance that I’d be in a Television-y kind of mood instead of a Billy Bragg-y mood.

    It’s just how different people approach their music and their library.

  23. My 160GB is nearly full of music. As soon as you want a) all your music b) lossless codec quality from CD (remember them?) rips; then you need a biggun’. I don’t want to faff with playlists and shit and having to pre-decide what I want to listen to. I just want it all there, all the time. I use good headphones and listen with interest to my music – it’s not a distraction but the main game. I want lossless quality. It is effectively also an offsite backup for my iTunes files (which are backed up elsewhere as well).

    I’m not stressed by the 120GB limit for now. This stuff changes fast.

    I of course also have 32GB iTouch for South Park.

  24. This just makes me mad. I have over 1500 CD’s & I’ve been waiting for Apple to come out with something bigger so that I can put them all on an Ipod. This just irritates me to no end.

    Apple, WAKE UP!!!!!!! There’s a huge number of people with big collections who want it all on one Ipod. And I don’t care if the thing is 2 mm thicker. I’m more concerned with the capacity than I am the thickness. Really, does it matter if it’s the thickness of one pc. of paper or two. Just give us the capacity.

    And for those of you who think that having 1000 songs is some huge collection, get real. 1000 songs is only about 100 CD’s. That’s hardly even considered a collection. You’ll can stick with your little 2 GB’s if that makes you happy, but don’t criticize those of us who are serious about music. You’re the ones who are laughable with your little piddley collection (if that’s what you want to call it).

    Lastly I like the capacity because it gives me a backup & it’s right there at my finger tips.

    I was going to buy a new Nano & a new Classic (when they came out with a bigger size), but seeing how Apple cut the size of the classic down, I might not buy anything now.

    Terrible decision Apple!!! I hope someone picks up where Apple left off & gives us what we want.

  25. Even if you would never listen to half the music on your 160GB (like me) it’s always handy to have as much as possible. Pretty much every house party I attend the music playing consists of an iPod plugged into a stereo. It’s good when you can just walk up, choose a song from the thousands and have it play. This is the main reason I wouldn’t delete most the music on my iPod. That and the obscure song reason mentioned by #12 Enochrewt.

  26. Yeah. Basically, sure, you CAN pick out the mere 30,000 songs you want, but what is this, the 80s? For me, the entire POINT of the Classic is I can carry EVERYTHING around with me. In my case, I carry about 50GBs of music and an alarmingly large amount of video in case I get stuck somewhere.

    Actually, I’m totally happy with my 160GB… but for Apple to kill it off because it’s not “thin” enough is stupid.

  27. Maybe now we’ll see some serious competition with a >=160Gb from somebody else?

    What I really want is a 5.5G so it runs Rockbox with a 160Gb disk in it. Guess I’ll have to do it myself.

  28. Thank god I got a 160GB ipod while I still could, then! It’s got about 20GB of free space, but I’m keeping my eye out for higher capacity 1.8″ HDDs so I can upgrade it when the time is right.

    I did this to a 4th generation ipod – the upgrade from 60GB to 100GB is reasonably straightforward, but from 5th generation onward, Apple started using drives with ZIF ribbon cables – I haven’t attempted to upgrade them yet.

    I did try to build the mother of all ipods, with the help of an electronics professional who’s a lot better at soldering than me, the idea being to extend the IDE bus of a 3rd generation ipod onto a standard IDE connector so I could plug it into a 500GB 3 1/2″ IDE HDD (I’d need to add a PSU, obviously). Unfortunately, he couldn’t source the appropriate connector. A 500GB ipod would be fun, though (you can’t get any bigger than that with IDE – or at least I can’t find any IDE drives bigger than 500GB).

  29. Okay, to all the people going “I have four million songs on my 1GB Shuffle; why would anyone need 160GB?”:

    The reason we want 160GB is that we can hear, easily, the difference between your crappily-compressed music and our virtually uncompressed music.

    I. Cannot. Stand. Anything. Below. 320kbps. I cannot abide it. It makes my ears bleed. I rip everything lossless.

    Now, that’s after doing audio engineering since I was in jr. high, so I realize that’s not normal, but it doesn’t even require that background. I have a couple friends who aren’t even musicians who can hear it. It’s about quality of encoding.

    It’s also about having everything you own with you. Why would I want that? Because what the hell is the point of carrying SOME of my music around with me? If that’s what I’m going to do, I might as well go back to my Discman, which sounded better!

    If you don’t understand why someone would want 160GB, you’re just not the target demographic, that’s all.

    This is a disaster. All those shitty flash iPods are going to be the only ones available. This is awful.

    Luckily, I guess, it’s pretty easy to crack them open and replace the drives. iTunes doesn’t seem to care.

  30. #23: see, it’s all in the way you say it. With your last statement, I can agree. I bet there are serious music listeners that want their entire collection on them at all times! What’s more, I would like that as well!

    People don’t want to hear about how you’re better than them because your ipod is bigger, especially if you base your “serious listenership” on it.

    P.S. Do you really only listen to serious music?

  31. It seems that the false sense of consumer entitlement that many otherwise-sane commenters here feel has run up against the harsh reality that the iPod is so ubiquitous that La Jobs feels free to snip off the trailing edge of that particular Long Tail.

    I mean, I’d like to have an iHome that contains the transporter buffer pattern of all of my stuff in a box the size of a deck of cards, so that if, on the way home from grocery shopping, I’m seized by the impulse to nostalgically fondle the third-place ribbon that I won for winning a Halloween costume contest in fifth grade, I don’t have to endure the agonizing five-minute wait to feel the real thing. But, you know, I’m man enough to delay gratification and can therefore forgive La Jobs for not producing such a miracle gadget capable of digitizing my hermetic existence.

    For another three to five years, anyway. If that old hippie doesn’t cough up one by then, I don’t care if he dies of ass cancer.

  32. I was just reading through some of these comments, and the fact that apple dropped the 160 gb classic isn’t that unreasonable. I have a 30 gb 5th gen ipod video. I DJ parties with the music I own and have more music then I’d ever really want to listen to and still only have 4000 songs. Roughly 10 days worth of music, I also have 22 videos (mostly full length movies) and together I’ve just about filled up my ipod. Once the music starts to add up I’m just going to take off a few videos to make space. Just thinking about the new 120 gb classic seems almost excessive. I consider myself a serious music listener considering I use my ipod every single day for multiple hours at a time and the idea of having 160 gb worth of music at your fingertips would be nice yes. but is it really necessary? so you leave 40 gb’s of it at home. its not that big of a deal.

  33. I am a 47 year old male and I had been collecting CDs since the first one came out in 1982 or 1983. I had around 1500 CDs or so and it took me years to get them uploaded to a hard drive during my spare time. I am one of those people who likes to have everything in one place and with me always. My 160 GB has about 145 GB full of music only. I can’t believe they’d favor a smaller size. I guess they’re catering to the young “I-can’t-imagine-that-big-of-a-collection” crowd. This blows.

  34. What’s the equivalent of Moore’s Law for hard-disk storage? Has that suddenly stopped working? Is there any reason to suppose that in a year or six months there won’t be 240GB iPod? Or a 360GB one six months after that? Did a million muso, sorry, serious music collectors’ souls cry out in torment at having thrown away their 160GB iPods the day before in anticipation of a 240GB iPod announcement? Such angst.

  35. As a follow-up remark to why one would need such a high capacity player…

    I too can’t handle low bit-rate recordings. My ears are sensitive, and I’m one of the few who can discern the difference between a 128 kbps MP3 and a 320 kbps. Also, I don’t use the MP3 format. I don’t like how it normalizes the highs and lows in a recording; ergo, I rely completely on lossless formats like Apple Lossless, Monkey’s Audio, and FLAC.

    As for the size of my collection. My music collection goes back over 20 years and includes recordings that don’t exist anywhere else (live performances, cassettes and vinyls unavailable on CD). I also listen to a wide variety of music from ABBA to Megadeth.

    I also like putting bits of video on my iPod.

  36. I agree: for serious music fans there is nothing like having the ability to listen to any song in my collection at any time, be it to listen to on a whim or show to a friend, something that happens to me quite often.

    Another example often overlooked is the handiness of having an entire music library at hand when away from home, a computer, the internet, and most other forms of civilization (save electricity). Many of my friends and family members have worked at remote lodges here in Alaska where they are in such a situation for several months at a time with no way to change out their music library. They all agree that the most popular item at the lodges are high-capacity iPods.

  37. I use most of my 160 gig classic. I have all my music on it, because I can never decide what I’m going to want to listen to hours in advance. That lets me Touchcopy onto my work PC and laptop as needed. I have movies on it, mostly concert films but others too. (Troy on an iPod is a hoot). I have backups of ALL my work data back to 1994 on it. I have all my personal files backed up on it. I have most of my family photos on it (all the ones worth looking at). I have installable versions of all the main utility programs I use so I can drop them onto any PC as needed.

    For me, this unit is a very nice external HD that happens to come with a decent music player attachment. I want more bigger faster, not thinner.

    Of course, I am the kind of person who carries an AUX cable with an RCA adaptor, spare earbuds, and a headphone splitter around all the time. I don’t think I am typical. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me for using the Classic this way, either.

  38. I’ve been yearning for a 160. I’ve had a 60 for the last three years or so, and it’s always at the edge of going into that last gigabyte that I try to leave empty. I take things off, and I weed photos and decide, sadly, to take a movie off from time to time, but a couple of new items later, I’m back at that one-gig frontier, or abyss, or whatever it is.

    So I’m a pack rat. I’m used to people not understanding why I can’t get through life with just a toothpick and a scrap of paper for entertainment. It’s all my fault. I get it.

    This talk about “songs” obscures a fact about my listening, and that’s that a majority (maybe 2/3) of what I have (okay, maybe 3/4) is classical, and doesn’t break down into four-minute songs, or four-minute anything. Then there’s the radio shows, mostly a half hour or hour, but they’re also recorded at lo-fi, so that balances out.

    I have maybe about a gig of text — 1000 files of “notes” with some books and things I can read on the screen, and a directory or two of books I could copy onto another computer if the situation called for it.

    Variety is good. I like serendipity. I know other people have different opinions.

    Once I was at a friend’s, and the downstairs neighbor was playing a 45 of Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco” over and over. At top volume. We finally headed out, pausing in the vestibule to have a loud conversation. “I HAVE THE STRANGEST URGE TO GO TO SAN FRANCISCO!” I said. “WELL, BE SURE TO WEAR A FLOWER IN YOUR HAIR” he said. (He told me later that when he got home, there was a hurt note from the neighbor about our thoughtlessness.)

  39. The reason to have it all with you is: that way you don’t have to arrange in advance, choose, download, etc. None of your time and mental energy is taken dealing with that (except plug in and let it sync new stuff once in a while).

    The 120GB uses a new Toshiba single-platter 1.8″ drive that ought to fit in the MacBook Air, too.

    They also announced a dual-platter 240GB that should fit in an old iPod Classic…

  40. I have a 5th gen 60 gig iPod from Nov 2005 and with the use I’ve given it I’m kind of expecting it to go anytime in the next 6-12 months.

    When I heard about this, I got upset.My 40 gig has been maxed since probably about 2 months after I got it and I was looking forward to getting a 160+ gig model when it came time to replace it.

    To answer why people would need that space:

    – My MP3 collection is about 9000 files and 45 gigs. I’ll admit, there’s a lot I don’t personally listen to or often, but it’s amazing how convenient it is at parties, when driving with friends, camping, or whatever situation where you always have that perfect song or essentially something for anyone to listen to.

    – Podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts and archived radio, and have friends that do the same. To be able to carry around an additional 30+ gigs of just podcast/radio to reference with friends, or go back and listen to certain guests when something relevant happens now, is great.

    – Video. Pretty straight forward. You get hooked on Dexter or Sorpranos or whatever, now you can take whole seasons because you never know where you’ll be stuck and get through a few episodes, or end up at a buddy’s and you don’t want to wait 2 days for the torrents.

    – Storage. I carry around tons of work on my ipod, from portfolio files to personal stuff to family work, whatever. If someone needs copies of the files I did for them 6 months or 2 years ago, I have them all with me.

    – Extra space. Can never have enough of it. What meets your needs now might not in 2-3 years. If you can get/afford more now, why go for what will be obsolete or insufficient in 6 months?

  41. I got one of the first mp3 players available about 9 years ago or so. it was a 32 mb rca player which you needed a memory card for because it didn’t have internal memory. Since then (i was about 12 years old) my music collection has grown to about 600 cd’s and with my dad’s classic rock collection of about 800 and 400 records that we have encoded to digital it isn’t hard to find lots of music on my almost full 500 gb hard drive. I have a 80 gig right now and was just going out to the store to buy one this weekend but i can’t anymore. There is so much more music that i want to have at my fingertips and now i can only get a used one 🙁

    As to the music quality, its all 320 KBPS. There is a huge difference to sound quality whether you are listening to it on a ipod dock (i don’t have one) or my 2500 stereo in my car. You shouldn’t use any mp3’s lower than about 256 on a car stereo first of all because some manufacturers won’t warranty and second of all because some amps cannot handle the odd square wave that rarely (but it does happen) comes from these files.

    more stuff to correct ppl about….lets see. If you are a DJ with only 4000 songs, thats pretty lame actually. Unless you only play a certain type of music which is understandable.

    Oh yeah, why would you back your files up on an ipod?!?!?!?!?! Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard. Seriously. They get stolen and if you have valuable information on there who knows where it will end up. You should rather get a 500 gb external drive (only $170 compared to a $250 ipod) or even a 1 Tb one. Use common sense people.

    Yes flash memory is great because you don’t have to worry about the spinning pieces in the hard drive but i doubt they will release a mp3 player anytime soon (over the next 3 years) with that much flash memory. I have watched these players evolve and i am currently an engineering student and i can’t see them doing it from a possibility stand point of from a business stand point. Sorry folks.

    I see what they are trying to do with streamlining production into a mp3 player that will suit more of the public’s needs, but they should still make a reasonable number of odd sized ones for those who are truly upset about this announcement.

    If anybody would like to write up a petition to apple or whatever i am game for signing and recruiting people to sign but i cant write a business letter worth S***. So if anybody is wanting to send me off an email at

  42. Errr, 160Gb is already rubbish. My collection is over 200GB in medium quality AAC format. I have thousands of CDs. What a blow. I was waiting for a 320GB (preferably 500GB) version as I also wanted to use the iPod for my photographs and some videos as well ….. pooh!!!

  43. I have tons and tons of video…. over 200 GB of VIDEO, MUSIC, PHOTOS… I am a packRat… and I store everything so my kids will have thousands of photos of themselves when they are kids…. I can hardly find 10 of me as a kid…. But as for the person who only has 6GB of stuff…. maybe you are new to computers…and the Internet,,, many of us had mp3 songs long before iPods were invented…. but the new generation of wannabe techies… are rookies in this game….. but if u have 6GB worth of stuff now….. just imagine how much multimedia data you will have in 10 years…. then…. then you would wish you had invested in a 160GB iPod…. but i guess in 10 years…. there would probably be a Sony PSPhone (Cant wait till that comes out) cause i dont really like my iPhone… but its the best phone out right now…. im waiting for something better…. but no other companies ar estepping up to challenge Apple…

  44. Phew! I just decided to buy a new iPod so I could give my 80GB 5.5G to Jacqui to replace her 3rd Gen which just died, I searched and found out the 160GB is discontinued! WTF! I wanted a bigger one if possible 🙂

    Anyhoo I googled and found one at my local Argos and bought it 🙂

    I have
    Mucic – 33GB
    TV – 96GB
    Video – 105GB
    Audiobooks – 56GB

    And lots more CDs/DVDs I have not yet ripped to iPod format, not to mention my audible account which increases my Audiobooks by +500MB per month, roll-on the 500GB iPod 🙂

    I just don’t have the time to sync things on this scale, I would rather have everything synced once and then I can choose playlists to give me what I want.

  45. – I know I’m no hardcore user but my HD is only 160gb and my music collection is only 6gb. I cannot actually imagine how you could get 160gb of music or even video.

    -oh ya just for the record lol i own an ipod classic 160gb and to update my tv shows i need to delete previous ones considering i have every LOST, HEROES, FAMILY GUY, AND FUTURAMA, + movies and music (all music a 192kbps 1500 songs) i have far less than enough space to support my collection

  46. I know I’m no hardcore user but my HD is only 160gb and my music collection is only 6gb. I cannot actually imagine how you could get 160gb of music or even video.

    “640k ought to be enough for anybody.”

    I have at least 1TB of just MP3 music in my collection. I regularly fill my old 60GB 4G iPod with music to listen to; finding out what I like and what I don’t and rating them accordingly. I can easily imagine wanting 200-250GB for that task.

  47. “basically the only one that can handle the totality of a serious iTunes collection”

    I like how you didn’t use the term “serious music collection.”

    I have 3500 CDs and a shuffle and I can guarantee I like music more than you.


  48. Hi, i’m m1r31n1 and i have an ipod classic 160 gb and i was somewhat dissapointed when apple released the 120 gb model.
    until that very moment, i thought buying the highest capacity was the best choice i coul have made. i mean i love my ipod, because i have enough space for tons of videos and music, photos, backup, etc. but is kind of chubby and heavy. and now i wonder, was it worth it for apple to replace 40 gb in space just with the “genius” thing and some milimeters less?

  49. Look some people need 160GB some people don’t. For the people that do it sucks that it’s gone now. For the people that don’t this doesn’t affect you.

  50. I totally agree with #32 posted by Kyle Armbruster , September 10, 2008 4:34 AM.

    And why should I carry only a part of all my music collection? Real music lovers knows why.

    I used to hate K7s, CDs, MDs, SDs, ’cause I had to take A LOT of all them with me – and when I wanted to hear “that” song or artist, it was never with me. Plus, it was a pain in the neck to carry all of that stuff all the time. Imagine me with 42 K7 tapes (when I was a child…), or with 30 MDs… it takes a LOT of space.

    It’s GREAT to have our ENTIRE music collection with us – with great quality, of course, in a small device. Some people rip music with 128kbps or 98kbps or 64kbps and says “I’m so clever, now I have all my XXX tracks in a few MB!!” 320kbps or Lossless, always.

    (Oh well, there are some exceptions, like that ultra-mega-rare track from that beloved artist, but the only quality available is 128kbps, for example…)

    I could not buy the 160 GB ipod. And I’m furious. When I went to the store, it wasn’t there anymore.
    I think I’ll buy the Microsoft one, just because I’m really NOT willing to spend my money with Steve Jobs for while. HOW could he does that to us, take away the 160 GB, I really hope he’ll realease a 250 GB device in a totally shining, new, original way like we’ve never seen before. So I can forgive him and forget the 160 GB ipod…

  51. to all u fuks who dont understand the meaning of collecting music . 160 Gigs is nothing for a music collector,, why d hell did they discontinue the 160 gb i pod,, its a bit expensive agree,, bt every good thing has its price ,, right…

  52. I actually have the 160GB ipod and it is awesome! I got it for Christmas last year and it hasn’t given me any problem at all. I have had to reboot it twice, but haven’t had any other problems otherwise. I currently have 120 gigs or music on it, so to go lower would suck! I am hoping they come up with a 200 real soon! As far as it being “too bulky”, it is just the right size….

  53. 120 GB only is a smart move. I consider myself a real music lover and only have about 68 GB of the stuff. Improved quality conrol and better interchangability of of parts will bring the price even further down. By the way, you can’t even buy a solid state hard drive for that price.

  54. All you guys have pretty valid points. Judging from the amount of postings here we can undoubtedly see the dissatisfaction among the audiofolk as far as the discontinuation of the 160GB iPod. For all the folks who dont understand how the rest of us fill up that much space, here is a little math for you. If on average a band puts out 4 albums throughout the span of their career (thats taking out of consideration the live recordings, special editions and collaborations which are not a part of their catalog) and each album has an average of 10 songs per, most of us could say that within each specific genre of music there are 20 artists we absolutely enjoy, about 10 we really like and another 10 we could live without but still keep in the system because every once in a while there comes a song that sticks its audio fangs deep into the cranium. With that said, for the relatively open minded person which I’m pretty sure most of us are musically at least there are at least 10 different genres of music split into perhaps 2 or 3 subgenres that we revisit on a daily basis. With all this I am still talking about an average (being the audio consumers that we are we find new music every day and need to get our hands on new music as fast as we can to keep that excitement an everpresent factor in our lives). So here it is… @ 10 songs per album and 4 albums per artist, 30 artist per genre and about 25 different genres/subgenres you get an average of 30,000 songs and thats only if you stopped exploring after a couple of years. Most of us buying these iPods are probably over the age of 15 and have been enjoying music for quite some time… take this number then and put it to the power of curiosity and you have yourself and incredible amount of music… and this is not taking into consideration all the movies and pictures we like to have on those long bus rides.

    As far as not understanding why we need to have all this music at all times look at it this way… when you are sitting on the dock by yourself and waiting for the ferry to arrive as the sun is going down and all you have is your hardcore metal collection in your 8GB iPod you’d much rather throw it in the water then listen to the sounds of cro-mags ripping through you tranquil dawn. These little music players provide a soundtrack to our lives and its nice to have the choice in an otherwise structured existance to escape into a world which in a musical sense has no boundary.

    In reference to the comment about “whistling was good enough for my grandpa”… man, that just made my day… i completely agree and maybe someday when our grandchildren are exchanging telepathic resonece signals through a “mind web” someone will “think” … “a 120 GB iPod was good enough for my grandpa”

  55. The point of having so much space is to have the ability to store music at a listenable bitrate. A reasonably sized music collection, at 320kbs, takes a lot of space. I would actually prefer to store everything I own in lossless format, but 160GB is too small for that. True, for casual music listeners, 128kbs is enough and 160GB (or even 80GB) is wildly excessive. But for most music there is a HUGE difference between 128kbs and true CD quality – 90% of the audio information is lost when converting from CD to 128kbs AAC. 128kbs is fine for casual listening on ipod headphones, nothing else. There is a significant market for large capacity portable music players (250GB+), Apple execs should be smart enough to recognize that.

  56. For people who think that it was a smart move for Apple to downgrade their biggest Classic ipod from 160 to 120, they’re wrong. I was just about to buy my second 160 (because I dropped my old one) and found out about the downgrade. I immediately thought, okay – what does the competition have nowadays? I have so far been a loyal Apple Ipod customer but this move makes me reconsider. Many of you are saying, “Oh, it’s okay. Who needs that extra 40GB? And it costs less than the 160.” That’s because it has less. I didn’t fill it all up either but I still like having the option. Here is the conspiracy theorist in me: I think they downgraded the Classic size because not enough people want to buy the expensive itouch with its piddly 32gb when the classic was 160. 120GB is closer to 32 for people to make the excuse for Apple saying “You don’t listen to all of it at once so therefore you don’t need to carry it all at once.” For me, the less I have to sit at the computer to switch out the music on my ipod, the better. Email… Surfing… Then it’s been hours on the computer instead of happy-Classic160GB-computer-free-music-listening. Sooner or later Apple will realize that more is better when it comes to the customers who were buying the Classic and they’ll come out with >160. That’s my bet. But who will wait until then? It just makes us check out the competition when we weren’t before this.


  58. ScriptSimon’s twopenneth:

    re the downgrade to 120Gb….I never owned an iPod before…was thinking about buying one, looked into it and saw that the downgrade was in full effect…went out and bought a 2nd had 160Gb Classic quicksmart…(also great cos it means Apple don’t get my cash – yay!) It is completely ridiculous to reduce the capacity – especially if it really is to make it ‘slimmer’! The new Archos is 250Gb standard – if the operating system were reliable I’d be sticking with Archos….

    also about filling up an Ipod…I have as much music as I can at 320kbps…with other stuff at 256 and 192/128 if that’s all I can get…I have a hard drive with just over 600Gb of music on it (just under 6,000 albums) – with another 300Gb of music is waiting to be organised…and I’m always collecting more…so 160Gb is only a fraction of my music collection…I’m surprised to hear people who are actually into music that much say they would have trouble filling 120Gbs – but that’s just me…thought I’d throw this in as I expected someone else to have made the comment that, hey, 160Gb is not actually a lot these days…in a few years 160Gb will seem pitifully small – like a 2Gb would seem now….pointless… no reason to not keep enlarging the memory other than ‘fashion’/convenience…

  59. i just bought a 160gb ipod off ebay because, with all my songs and videos, i have almost 145gb of material. i’m about to be depolyed to afghanistan and won’t be able to update my library, so i figured this would be the best idea to have constant media. also, this way i can use it as a jump drive if my family wants to send me videos or pics from home, i can load them and have them for when i have downtime. ?

  60. What’s the big deal if people have a large music collection? I’ve got a 160 GB iPod that’s about 80% full. I’m a big music buff, I enjoy having my entire collection with me at all times since I travel so much.

    For those of you saying “what if it fails?” No biggie, I have my entire music collection on my computer and backed up regularly.

    Relax. Different strokes for different folks. Be a little more open minded.

  61. hey i am still looking for a 160gb ipod. i actually have 320gb of mp3 and need the larger sized ipods. and for the one posting that there isnt time to listen there is always time. i have over 130days worth of music.

  62. Anybody hear any news on a 200Gb / 240Gb (or even bigger still) ipod being made available in the near future? What exactly is holding apple up here? They could do 160GB in September 5, 2007. February 6, 2009 and they’ve effectively gone backwards!

  63. BAD idea APPLE!! by d/c the 160GB you gave some of your market share to the evil MS empire. BTW I purchased a 30 GB ZUNE from a secondary market, and for all that thinks 160 GB was a waste, I had 60 GB (before it was stolen) and it was 80% full. I haven’t put 1/10th of my collection on the Zune.(I now rip from commercially purchased CD’s at 320Kbs). I would download music from the net but had dismal results when some people would ‘TAG’ the music wrong or the bitrate was low. Keep in mind if you rip at 320Kbs, near CD quality, the 20,000 songs that Ipod and Zune boast will not happen and also 160 GB is closer to 148+ GB, a far cry from 160 GB. I like the Idea of having my music collection in one player. I like the functionally of the Zune, It is easier to manage duplicate songs than the iPod. now I am not bashing iPod, I like the iPod, but if apple keeps giving the masses less, Microsoft will beat them at their own game…LDG

  64. I am EXTREMELY Disappointed APPLE discontinued the 160g iPod. I was expecting APPLE to Produce an even Larger iPod maybe 250g or 300g iPod. I guess that’s not gonna happen anytime soon and I’m shocked APPLE wouldn’t listen to thier Consumers about Producing a Larger iPod! I currently have 28,718 songs at 124.87g on my iPod Classic (160g) and still need to import 1214 more CD’s. I’m betting I will exceed the 23.13g of free space left. This really sucks! WAKE UP APPLE!!

  65. I think that 160g iPod is a good tool. You have in your hands an hard drive, you can store OS I fix computers and I am faster than my competitors. I can store pictures too in raw format I work in companies who work in this format that would be difficult in a USB memory. I don’t need to carry a heavy hard drive, and I can get my music and videos whenever I want in a confotable little box. For me would be fabulous if apple produce a larger Ipod. Manuel

  66. i have a 160gb iPod, they don’t make cases or really cater for us serious music-listeners anymore when you go in-store, they forget it like its a big dirty mistake! 🙂

  67. Geez people. Everyone has their own opinions. Just because one doesn’t have 200gb of music doesn’t mean they don’t love music as much as the other person. It doesn’t make you a “serious music listener”. *sigh* It’s coming down to this?

    “My iPod is bigger than yours!”

    I would love for Apple to make a larger iPod, but I highly doubt it’ll happen, now that they’ve discontinued the 160gb iPod.

    Meh. Oh well. I’ll probably just get another iPod for all my movies, and one more for all my photographs..

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