Plastic Logic's sleek, slim, touchscreen e-reader


As promised, Plastic Logic unveiled the details of its new e-reader yesterday, and it is a serious challenge to the Kindle.

The Plastic Logic device takes a very Apple-like approach to the e-reader. Eschewing two-dimensional smallness for slimness, the Plastic Logic is roughly A4 sized at 8.5 by 11 inches yet is less than 3/10ths of an inch thick.

But the major wank: the Plastic Logic is touch screen. Gone is the Kindle's hideous jumble of strangely aligned chiclet keys: all navigation on the Plastic Logic is done by gestures. Text input is handled by a virtual keyboard.

Right now, the Plastic Logic only features Micro-USB and Bluetooth, but they promise Wi-Fi functionality by the time it ships in 2009. Battery life? About a week. The Kindle's killer feature — omnipresent EVDO — wasn't mentioned,

It looks gorgeous. The dimensions are a tad large for books, but perfect for the newspapers and magazines Plastic Logic seems bent on approaching for content. In truth, though, I hope this gets snatched up by someone larger, who can handle the content distribution side: an Amazon branding would bring its huge library of ebooks and the EVDO carrier deals that make the Kindle so attractive despite its righteous pummeling with the uglystick.

Plastic Logic says, when released, it'll be "competitive" with the Kindle in price.

Plastic Logic's Reader Is Thinner, Less Ugly Than Kindle [Gadget Lab]

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