Pyro 2.1 wrist-mounted flame cannons

Evertt Bradford sends in his latest update to his Pyro wrist-mounted flame cannons. They looks badass. I have only one suggestion: test these outdoors, buddy.

I saw a similar system in use by some fake firefighters at Burning Man this year, although they used back-mounted propane canisters. Everett's wrist accelerator and ignition are quite slick, though. I don't recall how the firefighters triggered theirs.

Post up plans, Everett! I want to make these for myself. Ha-do-ken!

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  1. Pretty cool. I saw those guys are burning man as well. As far as I could tell they were pulling a lever by closing their hands to fire the flamethrowers, but it is hard to see when you’re drunk and mesmerized by flames. Burning Man taught me that fire makes everything 10 times as awesome.

  2. Very cool. But I’d rather mount them on the back of my wrists. Just seems cooler that way. And easier to keep your hands out of harms way.

  3. A “hand Dragon” is a part and parcel of the bag of tricks of numerous magicians. This isn’t really anything new or all that cool.

  4. So if Peter Parker had been bitten by a radioactive pyromaniac instead of a spider, we would have gotten these instead of those webshooters?

  5. So is he going to pay his dad back when he burns all the paint off the silver sports car in the foreground..?

  6. Jeez, SC Wolf, Peter Parker did not gain web-slinging ability from the spider- he created it on his own to round out the abilities the spider did give him. Pssh, loser.
    (kidding about the loser part…irony and all)

  7. PIEDMONT, that all depends on whether you consider the recent movies as canon, or only accept the comics books and cartoons.

  8. >>Jeez, SC Wolf, Peter Parker did not gain web-slinging ability from the spider

    If he had, his web would shoot out his butt. that would be less comic book friendly.

    for the flame throwers, the top of the wrist would definitely be more effective and safe. Some asbestos gloves would be needed for any real use. They have a similar challenge to those that want to build a rocket pack that doesn’t burn your feet off.

  9. first of all. bad ass and awesome work, second stop talkin shit cause your jealous your not smart enough or creative enough to come up with such a design

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