BlackBerry Pearl Flip is just what it sounds like


BlackBerry is showing off the upcoming Pearl Flip phone, robbing gadget bloggers everywhere the opportunity to make themselves useful by explaining — or at least mocking — its given name. Like the standard Pearl, the Pearl Flip (model number 8220 for the T-Mobile version) is an entry-level smartphone with a web browser, music and video playback functionality, and the popular BlackBerry email interface. Unlike larger BlackBerrys (but like the Pearl) it uses SureType QWERTY keyboard, where two letters share each key, leaving it up to a built-in dictionary look-up to sort out what word you intended to type. Fret not — it works fine.

No 3G (T-Mobile still hasn't gotten that together) but it does have Wi-Fi and quad-band EDGE, so connectivity should be ample, if not splendid.

An utterly workaday phone, but one that probably scratches the itch of quite a few people. It's BlackBerry's first flip phone.

Unfortunately there's no price or timing lined up yet, but I'd expect once T-Mobile gets the Android launch out of the way late this month the Pearl Flip should soon follow. Should be of a price par with the Pearl, too — around $300 new, but $100 subsidized.

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One Response to BlackBerry Pearl Flip is just what it sounds like

  1. Marshall says:

    I’m probably ditching my current Blackberry to go Android at launch, but after I got used to the SureType keypad, I agree that it works almost disturbingly well.

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