Large Hadron Collider fires its first proton beam, collisions to follow


Congratulations to CERN and everyone who contributed to the Large Hadron Collider project, which shot off its first beam of protons today without causing immediate space/time to be slurped like a slushee into a local black hole. It's a tremendous achievement — a project that should teach us more about the fundamental nature of our universe.

As someone who has a very hard time delineating between science and spirit, this is a little bit of a holy day. These sort of collaborations in discovery — an estimated 10,000 people from 60 countries worked for 15 years to build the five-billion dollar project — are exactly the sort of thing that makes me think that human beings are good for something positive. Or we're just marking time until the robots can spoon feed us orgasm pudding until we die. But whatever! Cheers all around.

(Of course, there aren't any actually beam collisions set for today, just test firings, so if existence winks out in a couple of days I feel like I should probably say that I love you all and that if we didn't have a chance to have really fantastic sex with each other in this life you have my deepest apologies.)

First Beam For Large Hadron Collider []

Image: The Big Picture

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